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Politics 7 May 2009
Tony E
Torture Trouble by Tony Ellis Comment (0)
There is a lot of talk of torture in the air as America comes to terms with with the legacy of the past eight years. There is also a plethora of tortured euphemisms at work as people attempt to deflect responsibility for what was done to other human beings for the sake of our own peace and security. "Enhanced interrogation methods", for example, sounds like a harmless upgrade to the normal
Politics 7 Mar 2009
Tony E
A T-Shirt for Your Troubles, Sir by Tony Ellis Comment (1)

I recently received an email from the new Executive Director of the Democratic Party, Jen O'Malley Dillon, offering me a free T-Shirt if I came up with a catchy billboard slogan to use against Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk show blowhard who has become the self-appointed voice of the Republican Party, and who is publicly calling for President Obama to fail in his attempts to revive the

Politics 27 Feb 2009
Tony E
A Coalition of Opposites by Tony Ellis Comment (0)

More thoughts following on from my last blog about the need for a silent center in our lives.

According to the Legal Times blog ( Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito quoted at length from John Lennon's Imagine in a recent ruling (Pleasant Grove City, Utah v. Summum) which "redefined monuments placed on public land --

Politics 18 Feb 2009
Tony E
Aloha Zen by Tony Ellis Comment (0)
Since the new President took office there has been much discussion in the media about his laid back management style. According to a recent New York Times article, President Obama has "brought a more relaxed sensibility to his public appearances." David Gergen, an adviser to both Republican and Democratic presidents, is quoted as saying that Obama brings an, "Aloha Zen", a comfortable calm that
Politics 15 Jan 2009
Tony E
Peace Be With You by Tony Ellis Comment (0)

With all the senseless killing going on in Palestine at the moment and Western governments' continuing attempt to make terrorism "go away" by the use of military force, it was refreshing to open the Guardian newspaper online this morning (15th January) and read some sensible words on the subject from the British Foreign Secretary. Five days before the Bush Administration, the chief proponents of