Life is a Creative Process, Nov 05

Our lives are creative works in progress. Most of us live as though there were a future “out there” somewhere, and all we need to do is live passively until we bump into it at some preordained time.

This is a fantasy. Life is a creative process, and our thoughts, beliefs, choices, and words are the tools that we use to invent our experience and ourcircumstances.

In order to own that our lives are an act of invention, we have to give up the idea that we are victims. For some, this may not be easy. We may have built an entire identity around struggling and hardship, knowing ourselves only through life’s burdens. We may feel that struggling brings us much-desired love and compassion from others. Perhaps we are attached to punishing those who hurt us by making them witness our suffering year after year. Or we may feel no one has truly understood our pain, so we could not possibly let it go.

But there is a high price tag in not letting it go. Continuously perceiving yourself as a victim of life’s circumstances costs you the love and success that you are really searching for. Inspiration is the ticket out. Inspiration can only happen by investing your thoughts, emotions, and actions in doing what you love, pursuing what brings you joy, and acting on what you want with clear intention.

We have a say in our own destiny through the intentions that we set. Although the lives we are living may seem headed in a particular direction and with a predictable outcome, we can, at any time, alter the likely course of our lives through setting a strong and clear intention. We have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities in our lives by setting well-defined goals and by committing to them.

Most of us live our lives by having expectations rather than setting intentions.These expectations go largely unfulfilled and often lead to feelings of disappointment and resignation. This is because we do not see ourselves as the active agent in fulfilling our dreams and desires. We need to decide what we want and take conscious responsibility for it. We create our perceptions. We can find and,in fact, we will find, whatever it is we are looking for if we design it, believe it, and perceive it.

You can ask to see the situation differently. You can ask for peace. You can ask for a change in your perception. When you do, the pain in your heart begins to subside.

Peggy Hammes, M.S., is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Imago Certified Relationship Therapist, and Teacher of Wisdom. Questions can be addressed to