Video Sweeps the Internet, Mar 06 | Internet Video, Vidcasts, and Video iPods


The video is only 28 seconds long, amateurish, jerky—andastounding. Four guys are in a gym with a girl gymnast, standing under a basketballhoop. They throw her up in the air, she does a flip and comes down, feet first,through the basketball hoop. At which point the guys whoop it up, and the girlholds her head as if to say, “I can’t believe I just did that.”

This is one of millions of home videos online in the mega-repositories thathave sprung up in the past couple years. Video is sweeping the Internet ina big way: home videos, major network TV shows, and vidcasts. It’syet another of the Internet revolutions that tend to come along, say, everyyear or so.

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