HDTV: What you need to know | LCD or Plasma? 720p or 1080p?


Your technogeek is state of the art when it comes to his 24-inch iMac and his imminent fiberoptic broadband connection. But, alas, he is way behind the curve when it comes to topics such as LCD and plasma TVs and the arrival of HDTV.

So what’s a computer columnist do when he doesn’t know much about a topic? He steals. Thank you, David Pogue. Your recent email newsletter on this topic was just what I needed. Hope you don’t mind. And by the end of this column, hopefully I’ll know more than I do here at the beginning.

For one thing, we’ve all gotta pay attention to this because, starting next year, if you have one of those dinosaur sets like I do with a picture tube and only analog capability, you will no longer be able to receive over-the-air broadcast signals. The guys in Washington have mandated that all broadcasts be digital beginning February 17, 2009.

This is because the current analog signal being broadcast takes a huge portion of the radio frequency spectrum. All the mobile carriers and others in need of wireless spectrum have been lusting after that.

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