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I'm all for making a few bucks. Looking greedily around at all the artistic productions lying unmarshalled in my own home, I decided to open a store with . Custom t-shirts, cards, posters and more , all you need to do is open an account, upload a few image files and you are in business. I started with my own artwork, abstract things I made while I was in college. "Milk Hair," "Scarlet Measures 1" and the ever popular "Scarlet Measures 2 " were some of the initial t-shirt designs.

Then a pal, Source consultant editor Christine Schrum said, "What I need is a Rustin t-shirt with a really off-the-wall quote from one of his poems. Oh, and it needs to be a girlie fit. I don't wear man shirts." No problem! Designing is easy with Zazzle. You can select the type of shirt, the fit, and even dress a virtual-human to preview your creation.

The photo of me that Christine selected for her Rustin poem t-shirt is pretty scary and hideous. But I know she is fond of sea creatures, so I figure I must remind her of a squid, or a Portuguese man-o-war, or maybe one of those deep sea fangly fish.

You can add any quote you want. Though you can't read it in this picture, the t-shirt actually displays a poem in its entirety: "Listening to German opera I hear a series of doors slamming above me. Then I remember. There is no floor above me." (The poem originally appeared in Poetry East, now it appears on C.S. Whodduh thunk?)

Eyeing the picture of Christine sporting the German opera shirt on my Facebook page, my little brother, Kerry, decided he wanted a Rustin t-shirt for himself and his two daughters. So he ordered two of the Christine version for his girls, but he himself wanted something black with a more macho quote. Done! Before you could say "anti-venom" he had his own Rustin shirt with the words: "I loved the way the cobra spread its hood. This was a dangerous school." And to think I did this all at home. Isn't modern technology a miracle?