Better Than Google? New Search Engines | New Search Engines SearchMe, Cuil, and ChaCha


Heresy! Better than Google? Yes, there are some search engines that may be better than Google.

Take SearchMe. The first time I tried it I was stunned. It completely rethinks the way that search results are presented. Instead of returning a list of links, it returns images of the pages themselves. The pages scroll into view horizontally, as if on a carousel. You drag a slider bar at the bottom to flip through the pages. It’s almost identical to the Cover Flow feature in Apple’s latest operating system. You have to see it to believe it.

The great advantage of this is that you don’t have to tediously click on each link in the search results to get a sense for what’s on the page that will be returned. The whole page is already there. You can quickly scan dozens of pages to see if they contain the information that you’re interested in.

Especially if you’re searching on a general topic, such as “canoe” or “iphone,” SearchMe is a great way to zip through a bunch of pages to find websites of interest. You can literally zoom through them as they spin past on the screen.

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