iPhone Love: You’ll Never Look Back | More Fun & Dazzling Options: You’ll Never Look Back


Divorce is never easy. But when I got my iPhone, the excitement returned, and my AT&T 8125, with its Windows Mobile software, Internet access, camera, camcorder, music player, video player, office suite, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, just didn’t satisfy me any more. I haven’t looked back. I’ve found my new love, and my world is different.

Well, maybe I exaggerate. But this gizmo sure is fun. The first thing that struck me was the dazzling screen. Instead of some kind of numeric keypad or QWERTY keyboard on the face of the device, Apple uses the entire front side of the device as the screen. If you want to make a call or type something, a keypad or keyboard pops up when needed. The 3-1/2-inch display is incredibly sharp, with high resolution.

If you want to watch a movie, you can tilt the device sideways and watch it full-screen. Whatever is on the screen automatically changes orientation as you tilt the device.

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