Mozy: Free Backup & No Headaches | Don’t Let a Crash Ruin Your Day


It’s a sad tale, but it must be told. For years a friend of mine diligently backed up her computer. But because she’d never had a problem with losing files or a hard drive crash, she gradually got lax.

Then what happened? You guessed it. Big time crash. She hadn’t backed up in a year. As it happens, she’s a writer of fiction and poetry, and in that year she felt she’d written some of her best work. It was all gone.

But not all was lost, she thought. She tried disk recovery software. No dice. Then she looked into the services that promise, for big bucks, to recover the data on your crashed hard drive.

She decided that the year’s worth of work was well worth the $1,500 it would cost. The company assured her of success. They had even rescued data on hard drives that had gone through hurricane Katrina.

No dice. And a bit of an emotional roller coaster. So she went with another company—one that said they could save data on hard drives that the other company couldn’t. No dice. They said that it was a head crash and that her data was unrecoverable.

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