Iowa Intuitive, Mar 06 | 2006: An Invitation to Authentic Living


Q. Over the past six or seven months I have been forcedto make some major changes in my life.  It has been difficult and painful.  Ifeel torn, my heart leading me one way, my "practical sense" drawingme in another. It is hard to know what to choose.   Any suggestions?

What you are experiencing is occurring for many, many people at this time,and the influence will continue intensively through May 2007.  Forone, our planet is ascending to a higher vibration. As this is unfolding, we,too, are called to move towards a new way of approaching the self and the world,a more authentic way to be in ourselves and on Earth.

The larger cycles of influence (Age of Aquarius, Kali Yuga) have been shifting the limited foundations of consciousness for quite some time. The period fromfall 2005 thru July 2007, however, will further intensify this experience formany people. This period provides us with strong vibrational support to bring our own lives, as well as the mind and body of humanity, into a new light and balance. We will be called upon to incrementally attend to the restorationof our authentic self and its true expression. This period will be like a divinemirror of clarity, reflecting our flaws and illusions while inviting us tohave the courage to see and be ourselves without fear and judgment. It is atime that demands that we patiently and compassionately remove the veils andlayers of distortion that we, consciously and subconsciously, have adoptedas our creeds and beliefs. We will be called upon to incrementally attend tothe restoration of our authentic self in its true expression. It is a yearthat invites us to become the true executives of our lives.

The need for the healing of the body and mind of humanity is great. Humankindmust move into a space where we hold more light and love energetically, eliminatingfear and eradicating the veil of distortion that has gripped us for so long.As the vibrations of this planet are pulling into higher a vibration, it demandsthat we meet this vibration.

Our true, authentic self is raring to move into this higher vibration. We are always moving towards our authentic self, it is part of our evolutionarypath, the reason why we came to this planet. However, in 2006, the invitationto activate and restore the expression of our true, authentic self is amplified.For many of us, there will be a demand to “Know Thyself,” to actin greater alignment with our authentic self.

The authentic self is our soul expression undistorted by misassociations, disassociations, and trauma. All of us come into this incarnation with samskaras,i.e., patterns of distortion and imbalances resulting from prior actions andimpressions. We are here to balance these old energetic patterns, and not justto balance them, but to develop our consciousness, our awareness. We are hereto unfold the greatest amount of life force within us.

The authentic self is the self that lives in the present moment, consciously,free of samskaras, free of social conditioning and of the energetic grip ofpast trauma. In its most crystalline form, the authentic self is the DivineSelf, the higher Self, and the ego acting in concert, without distortion. Inthat state, in each moment we live in choice. We are not reactive, not beholden to fears or beliefs from past impressions. There is no attachment or agenda.We simply are. And in that is the greatest freedom.

The ego is rarely a willing partner to that which will bring us to our authenticexperience. It likes what is known, and it will tend to dig in its heels andtry to do things the way it always has. The ego is an important part of whowe are. It is the part of the soul that navigates us through the third dimension(the earth plane). In the Vedic tradition of India, this part of the mind isoften referred to as ahamkara. Unfortunately, the ego is also at the mercyof our imbalances. The authentic self emerges only when the ego is clearedof the imbalances and is aligned with the higher Self.

If the ego is not willing to change (and rarely is it willing to change unlessaccording to its own agenda), you may find the year to be trying and disorienting.People who refuse to heed the invitation to grow may find that the old waysof living their lives no longer work. In this year, we have the gift of intensityof truth. We are invited, and not necessarily on a voluntary basis. If partsof our life are no longer supportive to the discovery and reconnection to ourtrue, authentic self, this year will takes us by the hand—despite theprotests of our ego—and pull us into the fire of transformation.

Universally and globally, we are being asked to restore ourselves. In turn,we restore the universe. The body of humanity is out of balance. The earthitself is out of balance, and the earth needs to restore herself, so that sheis not destroyed and so she can continue to maintain those who inhabit herenvironment.

The good news is that those who choose to be aware in this process begin tobe able to hold more light. As pockets of subconscious patterns and reactionsare released, light takes their place. As we hold more light individually,this light force invites other souls waiting to be enlightened. As one of uschanges, as one person decides to hold the truth and act in their truth, weinvite others to do the same.

The tiniest shift from fear to love shifts the universe. Any shift in energyvibration, any thought pattern that expands, expands the universe. Each piecethat you gain of your authentic expression, each aspect of your life that isold and reactive that you unhook, frees you up to lead your life beholden tonothing except to where you are, in choice.

This is a year that offers great opportunity for freedom. It holds great potentialfor a giant leap in the soul’s awareness and evolution. It offers anopportunity to release what is no longer useful, and clearing away what distortsus. This is the year that will forge us into our truth and strength, allowingus to emerge in our full beauty and approaching our life anew. Enjoy the ride.

Tips for the Road: Get the Most Out of the Year Ahead

This is a year that is asking us to step out of the old and into the new.If the going gets touch, here are some tips to help you navigate the roadahead:

Reassess. If you find yourself frustrated and thwarted at every turn, takea step back and reassess the situation. Ask yourself: Is there another wayof going about my life? What is a true way for me to approach my life at thispoint? Is there a new way, a more authentic way?

Find the treasure. View everything that ‘goes wrong’ aspart of a treasure hunt. Take a deep breath, smile and say, “Okay whatis it? What is it I have to learn here?” Ask for the piece of the puzzleto reveal itself. Even reclaiming the conscious awareness of one small partof your authentic self will change your life. Bit by bit, as you get thoselittle pieces, the momentum begins to quicken.

Have patience. To unearth years or lifetimes of old unconscious patternsand beliefs, you need to be patient and careful. Don’t rush in with asledgehammer. Simply have the intention for all the pieces of the puzzle toreveal themselves in a balanced way, so you can restore yourself to the truthof who you are.

Observe the dynamics. When you come across a situation that is frustratingor painful, don’t just spiral into the usual feelings of pain, hopelessness,or powerlessness. Make a choice not to be judgmental of yourself nor of thesituation. Instead, observe the dynamics of your reactions. What is reallyhappening? If you are upset with a person or a situation, is it really becauseyou are giving your power away to that person or situation? The moment yousee the underlying dynamic of the situation, you can make the choice to breakthe cycle of reaction.

Question the experience. If you experience frustration or anger, questionthe truth of what you are wrestling with. Is the pain there because the egoisn’t happy? Are you confused, because what you believe in is not beingvalidated by the current situation? Is this a reaction that arises out of oldbeliefs, or is this really true for you? The ego wants us to stay stuck. Theauthentic self is always ready to expand and to become free from situationsthat are stagnant. Question the experience and choose to approach it differently.

Ask for guidance. Invite guidance, and it will begiven to you. For every step you take, you are met with a step in the DivineKingdom. Ask for the divine guidance on your situation to help bring you toa new level of your authentic self. Ask what the truth is you need to realize.Ask to be shown your next step. If the question is asked, the answer will alwayscome. The key is to not let the ego usurp that information before it is consciouslyregistered.

Rachel Gordon is an intuitive consultant and spiritual coach in Coralville,Iowa, and the creator of TheAngelTrust Foundation. She can be reached at 319-356-0977and