Watch TV on Your Pocket PC, Feb 06 | The Goddess of Gadgets


Okay, here’s the most striking fact about my colleagueDiane Dumas, the Gadget Goddess: she can watch cable TV in the dashboard ofher car. And I’m speaking of cable TV—the sort that usually requiresa coaxial cable connected to a TV.

She works for Fairfield-based Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine (which Iwrite for part time), and if you want to see the future, follow her around.

The first time she blew me away was when she took out her Pocket PC andsaid, “Jim,I want you to see this.” On her device she had a page listing the localMediacom channels. “Which channel would you like to watch?” sheasked. I opted for ESPN, and there on her Pocket PC was the live broadcastof ESPN, with full-motion video and sound.

So how does it work?

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Jim Karpen

Jim Karpen, Ph.D., teaches writing at Maharishi University of Managementin Fairfield, Iowa. He has been interested in the revolutionaryconsequences of computer technology ever since writinghis Ph.D. dissertation in 1984 at Bowling Green State Universityon the study of the "digitizedword."