A Cathedral of Light, Dec 05

The weather has been on my mind: the variety of storms, the color of a tornado,the arrival of cold weather, and the increase in moonshine. Also on my mindhas been creativity, and I realize that weather and creativity are nearly thesame thing: neither can be known before it happens. As Richard Florida says, “Creativityis not the province of a few select geniuses.” The beauty of each ishow they exist equally, openly to all creatures. I believe that the weatheris the truth told by cold fronts and warm fronts, with low pressures and highpressures, with rain and mist, sun and snow. Truly, is there a better bookto read than the weather? The weather is like a cathedral of smooth and variedlight. Joseph Campbell wrote, “None of us has lived the life we imagined,” sowith the weather, it is wonderfully beyond imagination.