Fairfield’s Peter Pan Opening is Imminent!

After weeks of working full stop to pull all the pieces of Peter Pan together, it has been extraordinary to see it all come alive. I realized this on two occasions in the last few days; once was last week during an interviewat the Fairfield Ledger with Broadway superstar Stephen DeRosa. It is Steve’s second visit to Fairfield and he totally GETS it—Fairfield, the Sondheim Center, Way Off Broadway, the art scene and vibe. It was a fabulous reminder. I also learned that a percentage of monies paid to the Peter Pan licensing group goes back to the orphanage on Greater Ormond St. in London that Barrie was so committed to in his life—that's pretty cool!

The second "coming together" moment was very stirring. I was in the Sondheim on Sunday and the 15 piece All-Star Orchestra was playing in the pit. I seriously thought I’d died and gone to heaven it was so deeply moving and delightful. Music is a powerful  synergized force of nature created by humans…it is very humbling.

Tickets are on sale at the box office; 641.472.2787 and there are some great discounts for Jefferson Co residents, family and students…just ask!