Fans Love WOB’s Peter Pan!

Just have to share these about  Way Off Broadway's Peter Pan production – they are pouring in…
"WOB is such a great asset for this little community :)" —Cindy Lowe
 "A lavish production with a stellar Pan and a tight, well oiled, young ensemble."
                              —Steve White, Artistic Director – The Shakespeare Ensemble
"It's magic!" —Eden Foerch, age two
"This Peter Pan is a beautiful production. The guest stars live up to their reputations with wonderful performances full of energy, joy and magic. The choreography was spectacular with major applause for Tiger Lilly and her Indians in the big celebration dance. I laughed, cried and cheered with the children in the audience. This production is a triumph for the Way off Broadway Company."
     —Stephen Swanson, Professor of Voice & Interim Director of Opera, The University of Iowa  

"Broadway caliber singing and dancing. Great special effects. Whether you're 4 or 40 a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Hard to believe it's just blocks away from where I live. The director's new titanium hip shines out like a shaft of gold, while all around is dark!!"
                        —Kent Hofmeister. Manager of Production Services, 50 years old.
"Forget botox and plastic surgery… if you want to feel the years disappear, go see Peter Pan. Only a heart harder than Captain Hook's would not be moved by the pure magic of this Way Off Broadway production. I laughed out loud, I brushed away tears, and I cheered with joy. I can't wait to go again!"
                                   —Tena Nelson, Fairfield Middle School Teacher & Actor.
Peter Pan at Sondheim! What can I say! The show was magic, the cast brought unlimited enthusiasm to a wonderful story and made it an event to remember. It really is magic and it really is well done.   Susan

I saw Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby on Broadway. The Way Off Broadway performance was better. Diane Chojnowski
My favorite part was when Peter Pan taught Wendy to fly. —Lucia Van Dijk, age 7
Randy West serves up another magical run with J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan. This is West's best effort yet and the combination of top flight professional talent with some of Fairfield's best young actors is perfect. Peter Pan is just terrific,you 'll want to crow(what fun).Dont Miss Tiger Lily & Capt.Hook! both are unforgettable.Go out and be a kid again.  —KM
This cast and production could play on any stage in the world.  —Burt Chojnowski
"My 16 year old daughter and I really enjoyed WOB's production of PETER PAN last night. And, you KNOW that when a 16 year old says she wants to see a show again, it has to be GOOD!" —Anonymous