Wild Rose Film Festival Awards

From the Iowa Film Office: Final results are in for the Audience Choice Award at the 6th Annual Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, November 6-9, held at the State Historical Building of Iowa, in Des Moines’ Historic East Village Cultural & Entertainment District. The new venue proved to be a crowd-pleasing destination, with hundreds of film fans praising the facilities and the East Village location.

Included in the 24 Best of Festival Winners from around the world are the Iowa films To Be, by Des Moines’ Central Campus student Spencer Abbe, for Best Student Film (high school and under); A Friend Indeed-The Bill Sackter Story, by Lane Wyrick, Director/Editor from Iowa City for Best Iowa Film (read more about Bill Sackter and his inspiring story); and Beep Beep, written by Kay Rhoads and co-directed by Kay Rhoads and Patrick Gouran of Des Moines, which won the coveted Audience Choice Award.

The Certificates of Distinctive Achievement went to Iowa films, On Her Own, by Des Moines native and SUNY Purchase student, Elizabeth Hixenbaugh, for the CDA Student Film (College/University level) and the CDA Iowa Film went to Talkin’ to Loretta by Director Kent Abbott and Producer Kerry Skram.

The 2008 Wild Rose featured Keynote Speaker and Audition Skills Workshop presenter was Jamie Rose of JRose Studio, a well-known Los Angeles actress, acting coach and casting director who recently did the Iowa casting for Children of the Corn, filmed in Iowa. Rose’s acting credits include  Falcon Crest, Lady Blue, St. Elsewhere, E.R., Cold Case, Two and a Half Men, Heartbreakers, Tightrope, and of course everyone's favorite, Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town.

A filmmaker’s panel discussion was led by LA director/writer/producer, John Putch of Putch Films, whose film Route 30 won eight Wild Rose Awards. This panel discussed a variety of issues which independent filmmakers encounter and must overcome to have their films reach the public. Putch, an independent filmmaker and television director for episodes of Scrubs, Ugly Betty and My Name is Earl, is an enthusiastic advocate for film festivals becoming an important grass roots movement to get quality independent films in front of audiences. Other filmmakers on the panel included: Rick Amundson (West Des Moines), James Serpento (Des Moines), Kent Abbott (Des Moines/Los Angeles), Brian Ide (Los Angeles), Lane Wyrick (Iowa City), Marc Longbrake (Omaha), and Sam Holdren (West Virginia).

The Wild Rose continues its mission to bring some of the best independent film work from around the world to Iowa, while also encouraging the continued growth of Iowa’s film industry.

2008 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Best of Festival Winners:

Best Student Film – high school and under: TO BE, Spencer Abbe – Director/Producer

Best Student Film – College/University: THE PARADIGM SHIFT, Jon Barr – Director/Writer, Sam Holdren – Producer/Writer

Best Student Film/Documentary – College/University: ARMED AMBASSADORS,
Brian Pollack – Director

Best Debut Film: TREASURE DIVERSITY, Drew Goldsmith

Best Animation: COME BACK SWEET HEART, Chang-Pei Wu

Best Sound Design: THE SERPENT AND THE SUN: TALES OF AN AZTEC APPRENTICE, Scott Lang and Shawn Lyon – Sound Design, Shaahin Cheyene – Director

Best Production Design: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Mathew Reuland – Art Direction, Brian Ide – Director

Best Visual Effects: THE SERPENT AND THE SUN: TALES OF AN AZTEC APPRENTICE, Mike Goedecke – Visual Effects, Shaahin Cheyene – Director

Best Editing: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Chris Witt – Editor, Brian Ide – Director

Best Original Music: THE SERPENT AND THE SUN: TALES OF AN AZTEC APPRENTICE, Austin Wintory – Composer, Shaahin Cheyene – Director

Best Makeup: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Joseph Mistretta – Special Effects Makeup, Brian Ide – Director

Best Costumes: ROUTE 30, Bonnie Stauch – Costume Designer, John Putch – Director

Best Cinematography: ROUTE 30, Keith J. Duggan – Cinematographer, John Putch – Director

Best Short: LADY FEET, Christopher Toppino – Director

Best Directing – Short: Grant Barbieto – Director (A PIG’S EAR)

Best Screenplay: ROUTE 30, John Putch – Screenwriter

Best Documentary: THE SERPENT AND THE SUN: TALES OF AN AZTEC APPRENTICE, Shaahin Cheyene – Director/ Producer

Best Feature: ROUTE 30, John Putch – Director, Writer, John Putch and Jonathan Taylor –  Producers

Best Directing – Feature: John Putch – Director (ROUTE 30)

Best Actress: Dana Delany (ROUTE 30), John Putch – Director

Best Actor: H. Michael Walls (THE PARADIGM SHIFT), Jon Barr – Director

Best Ensemble: ROUTE 30, John Putch, Director/ Casting

Best Iowa Film: A FRIEND INDEED – THE BILL SACKTER STORY, Lane Wyrick – Director/Editor

Audience Award: BEEP BEEP, Kay Rhoads – Writer, Kay Rhoads, Patrick Gouran – Directors


2008 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival Certificates of Distinctive Achievement Winners:

Student Film (high school and under): TREASURE DIVERSITY, Drew Goldsmith, Director

Student Film (college/university level): ON HER OWN, Elizabeth Hixenbaugh, Director

Sound Design: FRANK’S LAST SHOT, Evan Geary, Andrew Disney, Director

Production Design: FREEZER BURN, Mike Falcigno,  Tony Herbert, Director

Visual Effects: ROUTE 30, Kevin Kutchaver, John Putch, Director

Editing: THE HIT, Johnnie Travis, Marc Longbrake, Director

Original Music: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Aashish Pathak, Brain Ide, Director

Makeup: FREEZER BURN, Elizabeth Good, Charles Hood, Director

Cinematography/Videography: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Morgan Schmidt, Brian Ide, Director

Short Film: A PIG’S EAR, Grant Barbieto, Director

Directing Short: LADY FEET, Christopher Toppino, Director

Screenplay: SPEED DATING, Tony Herbert, Writer/Director

Documentary: LEAVE HER TO DIE, Antonia Thomson, Director

Narrative Feature: SPEED DATING, Tony Herbert, Director

Directing Feature: CLEAR LAKE, WI, Brian Ide, Director

Actress: Helen Slayton Hughes (A PIG’S EAR), Grant Barbieto, Director

Actor: Don Wycherley (SPEED DATING), Tony Herbert, Director

Ensemble: SPEED DATING, Gillian Reynolds, Casting Director, Tony Herbert, Director

Iowa Film: TALKIN’ TO LORETTA, Kent Abbott, Director, Kerry Skram, Producer