The “Change Starts From Within” Concert

What could be better? Here I am in New York City, living in a penthouse, on the 5th floor of 70 Broad Street, complete with gold silk wallpaper and two crystal chandeliers in my bedroom. How did I get here? It all started when I paid my respects to Maharishi in Allahabad, India, last February. I said, “Whatever I can do, I will do. I want to serve.”

A year later, I’m working for the David Lynch Foundation to help raise funds for one million children to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, and it is my great joy and honor to hold up my stick, as the story goes.

“One million children, this year,” David Lynch says. It’s a tall request, it may take a miracle, but miracles do happen. If President Barack Obama can usher in a “new age,” then certainly we can bring positive change to the world by teaching one million kids to meditate. The world might now be ready for it.

We are preparing for our most historical music event ever—the “Change Starts From Within” Global Benefit Concert, April 4, Radio City Music Hall. Mark your calendars! Paul McCartney has confirmed, plus Donovan, Moby, Eddie Vedder, Paul Horn, Sheryl Crowe and Katie Perry. What fun to be together with our friends from around the world and contribute to peace, harmony and happiness through this extraordinary teaching plan — one million children to meditate — this year!

Following the Change Starts From Within Concert, a festive Gala Celebration party will be held at the fashionable Four Seasons Restaurant, located just a few blocks away. There’s also talk of an online auction—there are limitless possibilities, such as Paul McCartney’s signed guitar, as well as memorabilia from Donovan, Eddie Vedder and Sheryl Crowe.

I may or may not meet Paul, but I remember when I was 12 years old, my bedroom was so fully stacked with Beatles magazines that the door hardly opened. My mom threatened to throw out all my treasured pictures if I didn’t straighten things up immediately. The night the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show, my best friend Toot and I stayed glued to the television. Forty-some years later, when I found out about the Radio City Music Hall concert, I called Toot first. She will definitely be there. She wouldn’t miss this concert for the world.

What would I say if I did get to meet Paul backstage? Probably a simple heartfelt “thank you” for performing, for helping us raise millions of dollars, for helping change the world, and maybe a quick word about my Beatles magazine collection when I was twelve.