Terminator Salvation | Nothing Happens

Terminator Salvation is astoundingly bad. Like, I-went-out-to-get-a-Coke-and-just-sort-of-wandered-around-the-theater-for-10-minutes bad. This is a crushing disappointment.

Terminator Salvation is horrible for three reasons: nothing happens, it’s obviously set up for a trilogy, and it’s incredibly slow-paced for a tent-pole movie. Everyone looks like they’re extras for the “Love is a Battlefield” video, and it doesn’t feel visceral or tough. Finally, the acting and script are flat-out train wrecks. Christian Bale, a great, powerful actor, mails it in hard, growling into his radio, and newcomer Sam Worthington tries to play the tough guy but comes off as a poor-man’s Colin Farrell. It’s a $200 million disaster that will hopefully end any more talks about sequels. For me, it ended with Terminator 2. D

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