Waiting for the Change to Come

Obama beware! You are making my wife mad.

She recently posted a comment on her Facebook page questioning whether we had gotten "our money's worth" out of the dollars we contributed to Obama's campaign last year. She's frustrated you aren't being more pro-active about bringing in the changes you promised, particularly in the field of health care, and that instead of reducing military spending you seem bent on increasing it. And who in their right mind would try and win a fight in Afghanistan? Even more depressing to her is the fact that our 1996 Dodge Caravan "which has over 225k miles, leaks oil, and is rusting out from under me," did not qualify for the "Cash for Clunkers" program because it was rated at an estimated 19 mpg (the limit was 18 mpg). "Apparently," she continues "there's no consideration for the fact that I've been pouring motor oil into at the same rate I'm adding gasoline for some time now."

Ouch! This is from the same person who was jumping for joy in her bright pink Obama t-shirt in Grant Park on the evening you were elected.

So be careful, Mr President. You captured the hearts of lots of good people like my wife when you entered the White House. They were hoping for a change from the kind of stupid guy politics that have been plaguing us for too long. Yet you seem bent on playing footsie with those old crustaceans in Congress who want nothing more than nothing to change, "pal"-ing up to the same financial conglomerates that have run the economy into the ground, and popping off high tech pistols at the bad guys in the mountains.

Maybe it's time you did your job and took out the garbage instead of smoking cigars with the boys in the back room. Otherwise you might find yourself in serious trouble.