New Poems by Michael Carrino

Michael Carrino holds an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College. He is an English lecturer at the State University College at Plattsburgh, New York, where he is co-editor and poetry editor of the Saranac Review. His publications include Some Rescues, (New Poets Series, Inc.) Under This Combustible Sky, (Mellen Poetry Press) and Café Sonata, (Brown Pepper Press), Autumn's Return to the Maple Pavilion (Conestoga Zen Press) as well as individual poems in numerous journals and reviews.






Don't search for someone authentic,

better someone able to remember

where cookies are hidden, desire

locked away, answers

concerning improvement –

grooming, manners, personality,

ethics, vexing,

unrequited love. Always

linger on ocean beaches

in motel rooms, off season.

Tell strangers everything.

Steel yourself for ennui

guarding all the vaporous children.





Practice – Brush and Paint

White tangled bedsheet, rumpled

red blanket. One reverie –

one once beloved dappled

in silver light, murmurs

a blue name muffled

in green mist. One

thin black brushstroke, a Chinese

character –

ties, bond.




Village `a La Montagne de Charlevoix

Road ice gleams and snow

   shivers near the shops, the church.

This blue and rust forest engulfs

   their village deep in Quebec.

It is again this season of purple

   mountains and beyond –

muted golden sky.