Iowa’s Hairapalooza!

From the Huffington Post:

While no one was looking, Fairfield, Iowa has become a mecca for musicians and artists. Every variation of music and art that one can imagine is prospering in this growing township, and that includes musical theater. And of all the productions that have opened and closed in this creative community for as far back as anyone can remember, none has affected its population nor its neighboring cities as intensely as this new exploration of Hair.

Over the years, Randy West–a Stephen Sondheim protégé and executive and artistic director of Way Off Broadway–has overseen a series of successful productions by Iowa’s only professional musical theater group. Currently, his take on the always controversial Hair–that includes nudity, an irreverent revue of socially-charged topics, and, of course, a strong anti-war voice–has opened to rave reviews, is being heralded as a Midwestern phenomenon, and is the most heartfelt take on the musical, possibly even including its original Broadway run.

The following is an interview with West during which he reveals what was behind this unique production of Hair, and he also takes us through the philosophy and origin of the sixties production, the history of that turbulent era, and reflections on the as yet unresolved issues covered in this classic rock musical. Additionally, choreographer Adam Cates plus the three principle actors–Ryan Gaffney, Darcie Champagne, and Evan Martin–share their thoughts on why Hair still is culturally relevant.

 P.S. We all knew….