Landfall Festival of World Music

  Free! A festival of new world music: 4 days, 90 musicians, 13 countries. Yes, it's all free! The Landfall Festival of World Music in Cedar Rapids, Sept. 22-25, hosted by Legion Arts, in various locations in and around Greene Park. Rain or shine, the show will go on, so let's all hope for shine. 


Here's the roster of concerts:
Weds 9.22
6-7:15 pm  Barbara Furtuna (France) *
7:15-8:45 pm  Mahala Rai Banda (Romania)
Plus The Dragon Knights (USA)

Thurs 9.23
6-7:15 pm  Red Baraat (India / USA)
6:45-8 pm  Barbara Furtuna (France) *
7:30-8:45 pm  Cimarrón (Colombia)
Plus The Dragon Knights (USA)

Fri 9.24
6-7:15 pm  Kenge Kenge (Kenya)
6:45-8 pm  Portico Quartet (England) *
7:30-8:45 pm  Cordero (Mexico / USA)
Plus special guests

Sat 9.25
1:30-2:45 pm  Turkana (Turkey / USA)
2-3:15 pm  Salaam (Iraq / USA) *
3-3:45 pm  Kol Shira (USA)
4-5:15 pm  Calle Sur (Colombia / Panama / USA)
5:30-6:45 pm  Zedashe Ensemble (Georgia)
6:30-7:45 pm  Salaam (Iraq / USA) *
7-8:15 pm  Nation Beat (Brazil / USA)
8:30-9:45 pm  The Sway Machinery (USA)
Plus special guests

*Held in First Presbyterian Church, adjacent to the park.