Local Economy Summit: Assuring Economic Opportunity for All Iowans

The election is over the results are in and if hasn't hit you yet, the government is not going to solve the economic or health care crisis.  59 million people don't have health insurance and according to Gallup poll data, 16% of American families are challenged with getting food on the table each month. In Southeast, the economic indicators are red warning lights flashing with big loud horns.  Fairfield is an island of prosperity but the regional indicators are of concern:

  Poverty Rates Unemployment % of Iowa Median Income
Lee 13.70% 11.00% 86.20%
Davis 12.90% 9.10% 85.40%
Des Moines 13.10% 8.00% 92.80%
Henry 11.80% 9.00% 97.80%
Jefferson 12.20% 8.40% 91.20%
Keokuk 12.10% 6.70% 87.00%
Louisa 10.60% 6.50% 91.50%
Mahaska 13.50% 7.20% 91.00%
Van Buren 13.30% 8.20% 75.80%
Wapello 17.70% 9.70% 81.30%


Let's figure out what we can do locally to address these issues. The next Local Economy Summit takes place in Fairfield on Saturday, November 13 at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center at 9:30 a.m. and will feature representatives of many social, political and action networks and agencies to discuss ways to improve the local economy with collaborative grass root planning and action. I hope you will join us. The event is sponsored by Fairfield First! and Fairfield Entrepreneurs Association with the Child and Family Policy Center from Des Moines and support from the Northwest Area Foundation.

I saw A Million Spokes, the wonderful documentary feature film about Ragbrai. It is a wonderful ride and features the southern crossing through SE Iowa a few years ago through Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant and Burlington. It is inspiring and funny. I watched it last night with a big crowd at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival and it was a big hit.