Stage Door Cinema is the latest Buzz about Fairfield

There has been a lot of local and social media buzz about the Stage Door Cinema opening in downtown Fairfield in May. Billed as a “social digital media club”, it will feature hard to find independent, foreign and documentary films, and, occasionally, live music.

If you are interested in becoming a member (with lots of privileges) and making this project a reality, check out 

This venue will be home to special events like the upcoming TEDxFairfield conference, Hollywood sneak previews or live broadcasts of opera. 

Already, folks have got wind of this idea and started suggesting film titles like the Queen of Bees, Wasteland and Being Frank.

The facility will be also be equipped for live video streaming — creating a host of programming opportunities, such as interviews with directors/actors, real-time participation in major conferences, virtual film festivals; international theatrical events, and more.


Fireflies – Photography by Radim Schreiber

At Teeple-Hansen Gallery, NE corner of Main St. and Burlington Ave., Fairfield

 You can see and vote for one of Radim’s photographs in the photography contest.

 Obstacle Illusions

Transforming Adversity into Success

 Fairfield author Stephen J. Hopson’s new book, Obstacle Illusions, will have a national release on March 17, 2011.

 Deaf since birth, Stephen shares his life’s lessons and takes you on an entertaining journey of self-discovery along with him. He challenges his readers at the end of every chapter to. He has developed superhuman listening skills and insights and found a way the opportunity of adversity. He shares powerful messages and lessons that will help make us all a lot less blind, dumb and deaf.