Valentine Craft Ideas from Gojindy | Make Potato Stamps!

Danielle Wallace of the soon-to-open GoJindy Craft Café and Indoor Playground offers this fun Valentine’s Day craft idea for children and adults to enjoy together. She says, “These are crafts with mostly recyclable materials, because that is what GoJindy is all about.”

Stamped Valentine Cards

If you’d like to make cards for your friends, then this craft is a fun one to do. Children can do the project on their own or with an adult. Younger kids will need help from an adult with cutting the potato. The potato stamp will make solid hearts and the toilet paper rolls will make heart outlines.

Use raw potatoes to make stamps in any shape you like.

• Paper grocery bags or colored construction paper
• Non-toxic paint such as tempera
• Toilet paper rolls
• Potato

• Paring knife
• Cookie cutter
• Yogurt cup lid or small plate


Make a potato stamp: Wash and cut a potato in half. Using a small heart-shaped cookie cutter or a knife, cut a heart into the potato. Cut horizontally around the heart so that the heart shape protrudes by about 1/4 of an inch.

Make a toilet paper roll stamp: Form the toilet paper roll into a heart shape with your hands by folding and creasing.

heart stamp

Use old toilet paper rolls to make a heart stamp.

Make the cards: Cut card-size rectangles or squares out of the paper bags or construction paper. Place small amounts of different-colored paints in yogurt cup lids or other small dishes. Carefully dip the potato or toilet paper rolls in the paint and make fun shapes on your Valentine cards. You can decorate them more with glitter and ribbons.

Let the cards dry and give them to your friends and family for Valentine’s Day!

The GoJindy Craft Café and Indoor Playground at the Roosevelt Rec Center will be a space for adults and children to make crafts, play, and enjoy healthy snacks. They will also offer childcare. Although a lot of progress has already been made, much more needs to be done. Cash donations are needed to cover the $2,000 cost of opening a doorway between the lounge and the play area, donations of electronics and appliances are needed for the café and lounge  area, and donations of time and labor are also needed. To find out more about the project, visit or look for GoJindy on Facebook.