The Yantra Man: Peter Clemens | Artist Peter Clemens’ Work is Infused with Joy

Yantras by Peter Clemens are on exhibit at Revelations Cafe in Fairfield.

 It is a wonderful feeling when you know you are doing just the right thing in your life, when the full scope of a lifetime is now converging into your work, and when the work is truly your play. Then the joy of it infuses not only the project at hand, but every breathing moment. This is how Fairfield artist Peter Clemens is living these days, and with good reason.

Peter’s creative life is filled with the production of three-dimensional yantras, the sacred geometrical art of ancient India. These jewel-like representations of the divine, expressed through humble wood and paint, now grace the walls of Revelations Café as well as homes around Fairfield. As is evident with any true artistic process, these yantras glow with Peter’s attention to proportion, color, and devotion. Through an intimate connection with his intuition, Peter Clemens has become a vehicle for the science of yantra to express itself.

The cognition and use of yantra is an important part of the spontaneously realized science of sacred geometry, which has affected every tradition of truth in the world. You will find it expressed in the wisdom of the Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Hebrews, among others. In all these times, sacred geometry had powerful influences on the viewer and on the environment.

Yantras are known as the primal geometrical expressions of consciousness. For instance, yantras can bring spiritual and material abundance, clear obstacles, or bestow health and nourishment. And, on top of all that, they are really beautiful. For Peter Clemens, this is both deeply gratifying and humbling.                                        

Join artist Peter Clemens at an artist’s reception on Friday, November 14, 6-9 p.m., at Revelations Cafe in Fairfield.