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American Sniper

Few motion pictures deliver the punch of American Sniper, a powerful tribute to American hero Chris Kyle, the 6′ 2" rodeo cowboy from Odessa, Texas, who joined the Navy SEALs in his 30s, and whose legendary career is best described by his book title: American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History.

Clint Eastwood propels the Oscar-nominated screenplay by Jason Hall into an extraordinary film. And a bulked-up Bradley Cooper channels the large and humble marksman whose pinpoint accuracy made him one of our nation’s secret military weapons. Kyle left his wife and children alone for what he felt was a higher calling, to serve his country and protect his comrades. He served four tours of duty in Iraq over 10 years, resulting in more than 150 kills, until the stress of war finally made him go home.

It’s hard not to love this bigger than life, straight-shooting patriot, and this biopic that’s destined to snag the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Actor. American Sniper puts us closer to combat than most of us will ever come and it might even leave you with some temporary PTSD, but it’s worth it.  A+