Blues in the Waiting Room

I spell out the word crocodile.
I see the movie about the dolphin.
Time for a walk.

He speaks to us.
It's that Martian kid again.
A large map behind him (in Sanskrit), “Earth.”

I reach a point where I think I've said enough.
Captain Protocol enters the room.
Monet became more intuitive as he got older and continued to paint.

I am at the mechanics waiting for my van.
Cable TV on the wall,

It's a real family drama rated PG, you could say.
When you play the blues, you've got to keep it simple.
I have a chicken sandwich from Burger King.

The aftertaste is bitter like exploding rail cars of crude oil
in West Virginia at the back of my tongue.

Keep it close to your heart.
Tell us where you are, they say on the screen.
Keep it warm.

The dolphins chatter and then peer at the camera in the sea.