Maharishi Preschool: Teaching Wisdom for Young Minds

Eniko Reeder is a new teacher at the Maharishi Preschool.

by Laura Bordow

Maharishi Preschool, a one-of-a-kind consciousness-based school in Fairfield, has been providing care for young children from across the globe since 1985. Three cozy indoor classrooms and an inviting outdoor space foster warmth, security, and a loving approach to early childhood education.

Meet the New Teacher

We welcome our newest teacher, Eniko Reeder, founder and former director of Singing Cedars School, to our team. Eniko brings a wealth of experience in creating a healthy, harmonious learning environment. As a mentor and pedagogical advisor, she has influenced schools nationwide and abroad.

Eniko teaches a morning class, contributes to program development, and guides teachers in professional development. She is also a certified practitioner and counselor of simplicity parenting.

“There is plenty of time to be an adult,” Eniko says, “but we only get one childhood. We must preserve and protect childhood and bring self-directed play back to center. Through play, the young child is building the foundation of their human experience. It’s where they learn about themselves and their relationship with the world. It’s up to our parents and teachers to honor this process and respectfully guide them in this very important task. If children feel respected, they will grow to be respectful, and for that we need to provide a place where they feel free to be themselves and experience that the world is safe and good.”

Consciousness-Based Curriculum

At the heart of the preschool curriculum are 16 consciousness-based principles embedded in every corner of a child’s world. Some examples are “water the root to enjoy the fruit,” “the nature of life is to grow,” and “rest and activity are the steps of progress.” These principles foster deep connections with the world, learned through practical experience rather than intellectual analysis.

Every few weeks, one of these principles becomes the star, integrated into engaging activities like cooking, art, nature study, puppetry, stories, and song. At age four, a five-minute walking children’s meditation technique is introduced. It’s a simple practice enhancing focus and providing a quiet moment.

Maharishi Preschool students play indoors and out.

“In our toddler classroom,” says toddler teacher Summer Loetz, “children learn and play both indoors and outdoors, surrounded by nature. This enriching setting, coupled with our developmentally appropriate curriculum, cultivates children’s cognitive and social skills. Our classroom provides a multilingual learning space, encouraging diverse exploration of language, arts, and culture. Children joyfully take on responsibilities, leading activities with enthusiasm. Together, we create a close-knit family that treasures exploration, collaboration, and creativity.”

Regular Rhythms

Maharishi Preschool follows a daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythm that helps children to feel safe and nurtured, reflecting the principle “nourish the inner life, nourish the outer life.” This is the rhythm of a consciousness-based curriculum with the youngest preschoolers. Rhythm creates security and inspires healthy habits. The children’s outer rhythm can be expressed through a period of free play outside, with their teachers reflecting a loving presence. The children are free to play, to demonstrate their capabilities without direct guidance or adult interference, to feel the sun’s warmth or the crunchy snow beneath their feet, to make sense and joy of the world in their own unique way. Then they return to the classroom. The children may gather for circle time, for a story to be read or a song to be sung, to hold onto their inner imaginations, to come together peacefully to enjoy snack time together. A natural flow carries them from one activity to the next.

The children learn to know the days of the week by the snack or activity of the day—whether it be Soup Day, Painting Day, or Bread Making Day. There is predictability and consistency that helps foster a sense of comfort and security within the children. Each season is celebrated in a way that provides the child with events to look forward to.
At Maharishi Preschool, our philosophy is for teachers to be loving and kind and care deeply for each child. This deep understanding nurtures the heart and mind of each child as they are guided through the day, through the week, and through the season, with care and gentleness.

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