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What To Do!


Wynton Marsalis swings Hancher Auditorium on Sept. 22 • Pokey LaFarge comes to Legions Arts on Sept. 22 • Dance, eat, and celebrate at the Ottumwa Latino Fest on Sept. 23 • Sept. 23 is Museum Day Live! Attend dozens of museums for free! ... read more


Join Let's Draw Fairfield on Sept. 19! It's free and you can draw with friends and learn new techniques • Cedar Valley Winery hosts the annual Grape Stomp Festival Sept. 23 • Heavenly Pet Animal Sanctuary hosts a big Rummage Sale on Sept. 23 • Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche bring their unique sounds to Cafe Paradiso Sept. 24 ... read more
renaissance fair

Rare & Wild Delights

A Foraged Feast

Treat your palate to the untamed flavors of nature and support the all-volunteer Iowa Master Naturalists at a Wild Food Tasting on Sept. 22 ... read more

wild food

Musician Does It All

Todd Rundgren Opens for Yes

The veteran rocker brings his colorful performance to the McGrath Amphitheatre in Cedar Rapids this month .... read more

todd rungren

Khadi-Cloth Art

Pop Art for a Counter-Industrial Culture

New York artist (and Iowa native) Aaron Sinift founded a khadi-cloth collective to help support India's poorest artists ... read more

5 year plan

Genius & Charm

Haitian Art Convergence in Iowa

The vibrant colors and unearthly content of Haitian art comes to galleries and museums across the state this month, for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see its wealth of imagery ... read more

haitian art

Why Stop at Pie?

34 Ways to Eat Pumpkin

This delicious list will make you wonder why you never explored so many mouthwatering possibilities like roasted spiced pumpkin, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin waffless, pumpkin lasagna, fried pumpkin .... read more



The Hub Coffeehouse

Ottumwa Embraces Urban Chic

Spacious, stylish, and delicious. Get ready to be impressed by downtown Ottumwa's new reno—a place for coffee and community  .... read more

the hub

Chad Pregracke's Finds

Message in a Bottle: Treasures Amidst River Trash

You won't believe what Quad Cities native Chad Pregracke and his Living Lands & Waters crew found buried in our rivers  ... read more

chad pregracke

A Cat and A Hat

Adopt a Cat at Kimberlie's Clothing Boutique

Kim Stanton came up with the perfect business for herself—selling an eclectic mix of clothing & accessories and offering cats & kittens for adoption from Heavenly Pet Sanctuary ... read more

kimberlie's cats meow

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Honeyfield Oates 
    When Honeyfield Oates, America’s favorite poet, was born, it was 106 in the shade. The weeds withered except where the air conditioners dripped from their window brackets. The air smelled of dust, and many people were afraid of the end of the world, which, by the way, was not brought on solel ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • DIARY 
     “This End Up” said the letteringOn the package.What was inside?A gorilla?An assassin?An apple pie?Twenty apple pies?The head of Jerry Lewis?I left it alone.It didn’t belong to me.*There was a yearIn the distant past,1969 or 1970,When everyone Looked like RichardBrautigan.I wo ... by rustin READ MORE 
    Fountaining lobelia: we hang a pairon the porch to welcome summer and ward off broken bones. Purple finches weavea perfectly symmetrical nest. The male perches on the guy wire and sings. I dream the Rembrandt Mary cradling, shepherd’s flute and the muffled lowing,the infant’s cooi ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Bells 
    Someday you’ll forget, he thanked God. Newspaper where the words for the opportunity, a choice, came from having my eyes opened by bells. The dog will hand blitzkrieg, flying chairs; the mouse made its rapid advance through chamber pots. The bell became paramount. Three bullet holes and the ... by rustin READ MORE 
    6:35 a.m. Not suffering. The quietest time Of morning. I can hear a train rumbling Miles away. A “Charles Pretzels” can serves As a waste basket. The rodent digs Litter under its spinning wheel. My senses say Attack another expectation. Run by another Temporary solution. I think ... by rustin READ MORE 
    Even after a full dayof housekeepingat Johnny and Kaye'snear the airport, strippingthe sheetsof Robert Gouletand other famouspassersthrough,she would stand at homeat the sink with her bucketof potatoes, and peeland sliceas the lard meltedin the skillet. She would humlike Loretta Lynn,whistl ... by rustin READ MORE