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World-renowned jazz singer Esperanza Spalding comes to the Englert Oct. 25 • What better way to celebrate Halloween that with Cheech & Chong? Oct. 28 in Riverside • Don't miss the American Gothic Halloween Party Oct. 29 ... read more


Bill Stowe from the Des Moines Water Works speaks about the growing threat of factory farms at "Reclaiming the Soul of Iowa" on Oct. 26 • Thrill to feats of skill at the Shanghai Acrobats show Oct. 28 ...  read more

A World of Difference

Love in a Bowl: Soup for Syria

What happens when a cookbook author teams up with top chefs around the world for a new cookbook that benefits refugee food-relief efforts? ... read more

barbara massaad

What Smells?

Take an Olefactory Odyssey ...

Ever think about the air quality in your home? Learn how to improve your home sweet(-smelling) home ... read more

clean air

Comfort & Compassion

The Bird House: Iowa's First Hospice Home

The Bird family organized Iowa's first hospice home in Iowa City after State Trooper Gary Bird had to spend his final days far from home ... read more


Inspired Patterns

Charlotte Cain Retrospective at ICON

Artist Charlotte Cain was a beloved teacher in Fairfield who inspired many. A stunning retrospective of her work will shown at ICON Gallery through October ... read more

charlotte cain

Style & Transformation

Creative Edge Film Fest Showcases Innovation

The artfully decorated Orpheum Theatre in Fairfield is the perfect venue for a weekend of inspiring and transformational films ... read more


Curd Nerds

Cheese, Please!

Cheesemongers indulge themselves in Des Moines at the two-day annual festival of fromage .... read more


Fairfield's Hidden History

For the Love of a Town

What happens when a local businessman is struck by inspiration and the love of his hometown? Dick DeAngelis and his film crew are diving deep into the stories of Fairfield, Iowa ... read more

fairfield iowa

Agricultural Shift

A New Breed of Farmers Embraces the Organic Paradigm

Young Fairfield farmers are embracing a new set of priorities—from nutrition-rich food to land stewardship .... read more


cory klehm

Innovating to Learn

Kids' Maker Space: A Creative Springboard

Students learn how to create and innovate and a colorful room that's not like any classroom you've seen before .... read more

maker space

Brew Haha

Microbreweries: The Quest for a Cold One

A go-lucky gang sets out to explore what Southeast Iowa craft breweries have to offer. Turns out it's a lot ... read more

kalona brewing company

Wear My Love Like Heaven

Sixties Icon Donovan Performs at FAIRfest

The "Mellow Yellow" singer-songwriter Donovan stops in Fairfield for a performance on his 50th anniversary Sunshine Superman Tour ... read more


Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Blues in the Waiting Room 
    I spell out the word crocodile. I see the movie about the dolphin. Time for a walk. He speaks to us. It's that Martian kid again. A large map behind him (in Sanskrit), “Earth.” I reach a point where I think I've said enough. Captain Protocol enters the room. Monet became more i ... by rustin READ MORE 
      American robins, no picnic; a woman knocks, a door-to-door missionary, and asks and I don’t know, I think of the leg of lamb. What do I think: the difference, the branches, the purpose of life. They preen, gesture so-so. Possible answers; think of the branches jus ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Children 
    CHILDREN 1957  Cousins, boy-girl, boy-girl, boy-girl, boy, lined up on the couch and kicking their Keds for Kool-Aid. The wallpaper of the living room: Asian peonies on a background of pink. A Punjabi family-- four boys in turbans somber before the camera, their mother in headscarf behind them, ... by rustin READ MORE 
      The little boy upon leaving the library said, “I only said thank you because my mom told me to.” The little review said to me, “We are surprised that someone with your publishing history would send anything to us.  Therefore we are rejecting your work.” ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Space Travel 
    Pit bull charges at me only to be yanked back by its chain. These, our neighbors—one horrible kennel of vicious dogs after another—it doesn't matter who or when. NASA is looking for people to die on Mars; I hear they already have several volunteers. In reality our solar system is a ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Lords of Life and Death 
    Black dog this morning, growling, hackles erect. I whispered to it as it pounded its fence, “Hassan! Hassan!” which means “Handsome” or “Beautiful.” I held my black umbrella like the vulture it was. The dog wanted to attack despite my compliments, despite the sil ... by rustin READ MORE