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CALENDAR: Beaker Brothers at the Englert

Iowa City's Beaker Brothers Band brings peace, love, and rock 'n' roll to the Englert on Oct. 9  Champion acrobats fly through the air for Cirque D'or in Cedar Rapids Oct. 9-10 • Take a guided bus tour at the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival Oct. 11 ... read more


Bring the whole family to Singing Cedars Harvest Festival on Oct. 10 • Enjoy a scenic course through the Cedar Valley Winery on the Run the Vines 5K Run/Walk Oct. 10 • Geodes, pearls, jewelry and more at the Sac & Fox Gem & Mineral Show Oct. 10-11 ... read more

maria muldaur

Singing Cedars

Waldorf-Inspired School Gets Kids Outdoors

Fairfield's Singing Cedars preschool and kindergarten gets kids outdoors every day to interact with the natural world .... read more


singing cedars

Eating Well is Important

Lifehacks for a Clean Diet

Fitness enthusiasts Tanell Pretorius and Amy Van Beek share their tips for eating well on a busy schedule .... read more

tanell pretorius, amy van beek

Get Your Daily Dose

Garlic Goodness

Studies are finding what our grandmothers already knew—that garlic not only adds a tasty zing to food, but it also helps to keep us healthy ... read more

garlic head

Community Rights Movement

Citizens Use the Legal System to Fight Back

Local communities are learning how to fight back against corporate interests to protect their health and the environment .... read more

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American Roots Music

Maria Muldaur Returns to Iowa

The sultry blues queen returns to Morning Star Studio in Fairfield on Monday, October 5, with her multi-media Way Past Midnight show ... read more

maria muldaur

Arrowhead Man

Fossil Finder Gary Nelson

A housepainter by day, Gary Nelson spends his weekends looking for long-buried relics and ancient bones  ... read more

gary nelson

Secondhand Treasures

My Lucky Day: Open at New Location!

Need some inexpensive clothing fast? Looking for a Harmony Stella guitar? Trying to find a cheap blender? This could be your lucky day ... read more

my lucky day

Ask Miss Barbella

Wake Up Your Skin with a Boost of Caffeine

You know what your morning coffee does to get your body buzzing—now find out what coffee can do for your skin ... read more

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Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Jardain Road and Other Poems by William Kemmett presented 
    Poet William Kemmett was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  His poems have appeared in numerous poetry magazines and journals, including Yankee Magazine, Cimarron Review, Defined Providence, Poetry Australia, Poetry East, Gargoyle, Mother India, Seattle Review, Calliope, The Café Review, ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Night Progresses 
    The windows darken, a few scholars lean forward, their chins in their palms. Someone shifts weight in a chair and there is a loud crack throughout the hall. I remember film footage of some worker hollowing out the base of a redwood for some legal or illegal logging operation. I waited for somethin ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Gods of Randomness 
    I invoke the gods of randomness: a pile of blue, red, and yellow rubberbands; a small magnet that wants to stick to everything; patience; blue ink on fingers; a bag of regular flavor beef jerky; a clock three minutes too slow; the hum of electricity; the silence and blackness of when it suddenly ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Mind/Body Experiment 
    I will not scream, “Tuna!” My mind walks north into the sticks. My planet is yet habitable. Miracles happen involving the speech of animals. A man is found wedged in a cocoon of straw and ice. He walks away unharmed. A moose charges by kicking up huge plumes of snow. When I nap I ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Black Coffee 
    The well down into which I stare, collaborate you do with local musicians of fox and fur, the jamboree, the jug-jug bird and the juniper. Christ candle of the conscious, the cradled cup cooling slowly, the ceramic clap on sanded cedar, cable spools from ships in the bay turned table in the taber ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Keeping it Real 
    The work crew arrived and disassembled the Christmas scenes on the town square, packing up the plaster carolers, the reindeer, the sleigh, the rigor mortis Santa (waving still), the baby Jesus, and the pile of hay. They prepared the ground for the January thaw, the dubious holidays of Ground Hog ... by rustin READ MORE