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CALENDAR: Old Threshers Reunion

Take a glimpse into our labor-intensive agricultural heritage at the Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant through Sept. 1 • Step back even further in time at the Des Moines Renaissance Fair Aug. 30-Sept. 1 ... read more


Coming in September: the Sac & Fox Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show, Sept. 5-7 at the FACC ... read more

old threshers

TV Reviews: August 20-27

It's a Golden Age of Television

With shows like VEEP, Breaking Bad, Treme, and the Daily Show nominated for Emmys this year, viewers have more reasons than ever to not feel guilty for being couch potatoes  .... read more


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A Fairfield Favorite

It All Happens at Cafe Paradiso!

On the journey from dream to reality, Cafe Paradiso has evolved into a popular hub for social, artistic, and delicious activities  ... read more

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Crispy Clerihews

Paul Ingram Takes a Stab at . . . Clerihews?

The Prairie Lights proprietor has discovered a delightfully twisted form of poetry that he likes so much he wrote several hundred for his new book, The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram ... read more

paul ingram

If You Build It ...

Field of Dreams: The 25th Anniversary

This Hollywood blockbuster holds up well 25 years after it first appeared nationwide in 1989. Here are five things that Field of Dreams gets right about Iowa ... read more

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New TM Info Center

Want to Learn More about the Domes in Fairfield?

Have you ever wondered about the domes in Fairfield, and what exactly goes on in there? Get all of your questions about TM and Fairfield answered—at the new TM Info Center ... read more

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Social History

America's First Ladies Revealed

Through social upheaval and sweeping drama, First Ladies have mirrored the times. An new exhibition at the Hoover Library gives a glimpse into the lives of Jackie Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and more ... read more

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The Real Thing: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It's buyer beware when it comes to olive oil, as some companies may be adding inferior oils. Learn where to buy genuine EVOO in Eastern Iowa ... read more

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A Story of Community

Loop Trail Magic: A Breath of Fresh Air

Walk to work, walk for fun, walk for exercise: Who doesn't love a walking trail? Here's the story behind Fairfield's 16-mile walking/biking pathway.... read more


On the Wapsipinicon

Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Cedar Rock

Beginning May 21, you can tour the home, see the original furnishings that Wright chose himself, and visit the Wright-designed boathouse on the Wapsipinicon River ... read more

quasqueton, cedar rock

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Summer Vacation 
    1968, the year of the assassins, We have come to the lake Where speedboats crush the waves. As the sun sets, the water-traffic Dwindles until it ceases all together, And the wavelets become calmer And quiet with each passing hour Until we fall asleep in our shore-side Cottages, and the lake ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • VERMONT, MAY 12, 2013 
    All of Believe, as if Believe were a city, County, or parish where we live, Although you might say, “That is impossible, Or ungrammatical,” then you might be warned You are either testing or breaking the spell, And who would want to do that? I am resting in a hotel in Vermont, and ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • It's a Gosh-Darned Interesting Thing to Say 
    Peacocks and turkeys.  They both fan Out their tail feathers.  I once Knew a woman who was chased by a turkey As she (the woman) walked through the woods. Have you ever been bullied by a peacock? The gooseberry wands droop Full of gooseberries.  The Mayapples Shyly hide their f ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Snow 
      It was snowing and the landscape was beginning to glow eerily with the blanket of whiteness.  * A winter sunset tinted the snow-covered plains lavender and filled one’s soul with a strange calm.   * In the haze the snowfall created, my father saw a figure cross ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Two Scenes in Late Winter 
     i. Feverish & QuakingI awoke this morning, and, having slippedFrom unconsciousness, feared returningTo a different kind of sleep From which there would be no waking.  My body radiated heat.  I trembled.  I took my medicine.I pulled back the curtain to watchThe morning light. ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Dreaming My Animal Selves 
    Helene Cardona is the daughter of the Spanish poet Jose Manuel Cardona, whose work she has translated and published in various literary magazines.   She is multilingual and a citizen of the U. S., France, and Spain.  Since birth she has been groomed to write poetry in several diff ... by rustin READ MORE