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What To Do in April

APRIL CALENDAR Coming up: Dance Week in Iowa City

Preview Dance Week on Friday, April 18, at the Englert Theatre, with performances by dancers at an exhibition of locally crafted carnaval costumes (right) called "Carnaval: Spectacular Art in Motion." • Catch the lastest in non-fiction filmmaking at the International Documentary Film Festival in Iowa City, April 17-19 ... read more

Fairfield Events

Looking for Fairfield events? Here's what's happening in our hometown ... read more

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And God said ... 

Noah: This "Epic" Film is a Mishmash

You'll recognize some elements of the biblical story in Noah, but Darren Aronofsky went to town in re-imagining the original story ... read more


At the Capitol Theater

X Factor Contestant David Kroll Returns to Burlington

Now living in Nashville, country singer David Kroll comes home this month to perform for a hometown crowd ... read more

david kroll

Graduate with Humor

Actor Jim Carrey is Commencement Speaker

The Canadian-born entertainer will speak at Maharishi University of Management commencement in May. Will the Golden Dome ever be the same? ... read more

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Party Like It's Earth Day All Month Long!

There are so many ways and so many days that you can celebrate Earth Day this year. Check out all the Southeast Iowa eco-events happening in the next few weeks in honor of our planet ... read more



TV Reviews April 16-22

Billy Crystal—What a Mensch! 

Billy Crystal's acclaimed play 700 Sundays comes to HBO this week. And the movie Big-Ass Spider comes to SyFy. Can't wait!  ... read more

jan swinton

Rethinking Demolition

Deconstruction & Renovation: Green Solutions

With the high cost of new building materials, more and more people are looking at what they already have and reusing it ... read more

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Beatlesque Music for Fringe Toasters

Love the Beatles? Then you'll love Andy Bargerstock's list of songs that mimic the distinctive tone, lyrical creativity, and instrumentation of the late Beatle era ... read more

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Fashion Buzz

EcoJam Presents Young Designers Using Innovative Materials

Since 1993, the upcycled fashion show has featured the lastest and greatest in sustainable fashion. ... read more


Art in Bloom

Riverbank Art Fair: Browse to Your Heart's Content!

Artists from all over the Midwest bring their best pieces to the UI's annual Riverbank Art Fair—everything from paintings and photographs to jewelry and textiles. FREE wine tasting on April 26! ... read more

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A Heroine's Quest

Waying Maya: A Young Woman's Adventure into the Unknown

Maya Burke's search for her missing father takes her out of the dead-end suburbs and into a mysterious world of power places and secret spying programs in Warren Goldie's new novel ... read more

waking maya

By the Light of the Moon

Planting by Lunar Rhythms

Ancient cultures instinctively knew that the moon affected the germination and growth of plants. Dr. Thimmaiah explains why we should continue the practice today .... read more

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Plan Now to Enjoy Later

Retirement: What if You Don't Have Enough?

What can you do when you don't have sufficient funds to retire? Read retirement planner counselor Hal Masover's excellent advice for coping ... read more

hal masover

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • It's a Gosh-Darned Interesting Thing to Say 
    Peacocks and turkeys.  They both fan Out their tail feathers.  I once Knew a woman who was chased by a turkey As she (the woman) walked through the woods. Have you ever been bullied by a peacock? The gooseberry wands droop Full of gooseberries.  The Mayapples Shyly hide their f ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Snow 
      It was snowing and the landscape was beginning to glow eerily with the blanket of whiteness.  * A winter sunset tinted the snow-covered plains lavender and filled one’s soul with a strange calm.   * In the haze the snowfall created, my father saw a figure cross ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Two Scenes in Late Winter 
     i. Feverish & QuakingI awoke this morning, and, having slippedFrom unconsciousness, feared returningTo a different kind of sleep From which there would be no waking.  My body radiated heat.  I trembled.  I took my medicine.I pulled back the curtain to watchThe morning light. ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Dreaming My Animal Selves 
    Helene Cardona is the daughter of the Spanish poet Jose Manuel Cardona, whose work she has translated and published in various literary magazines.   She is multilingual and a citizen of the U. S., France, and Spain.  Since birth she has been groomed to write poetry in several diff ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Bum Cantos, Winter Jazz, & The Collected Discography of Morning 
    People ask me, “Rustin, when are you going to give us a free-of-charge peek of that award-winning book of yours?”  I say, “My fine people.  Will I hide my light under a bushel?  NO!  I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • “music does not give rise, in the heart, to anything which is not already there” 
      “music does not give rise, in the heart, to anything which is not already there”     --Shihab Al-Din Abu Hafs Al-Suhrawardi     the sun inside the song rises.   the song inside the sun rises.   the sun inside the song   brushes ... by rustin READ MORE