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Muscatine's Great River Days offers a farmers' market, food, and live music July 29 • See the fabulous lotuses at Lily Lake & take a peek at Amana's best private gardens at Colonies in Bloom July 30 • Feel like nibbling? Sample scores of cheeses at Des Moines' Festival of Cheese July 30 ... read more


Talented Fairfielders return to their hometown for two benefit concerts, Coming Home—Coming Together, on July 29 and 30 Pretend Sweethearts serenade with mystical hobo-folk music at Cafe Paradiso on July 31 • Learn more about making Smartphone Videos at a free class Aug. 3 ... read more

Windy City Music Festival

Indie Favs & Pop Stars Perform at Pitchfork

Ptichfork Music Festival brings the country's best new music to Chicago's Union Park in July ... read more

carly rae jepsen

A Garden in Your Glass

Herb-Infused Concoctions: A Splash of Summer

Herb master Jocelyn Engman describes an easy way to bring the freshness of your garden herbs into refreshing summertime drinks .... read more



Iowa City Bruisers

Junior Roller Derby: A League of Their Own

The Fereiras wanted to help their daughter realize her dream of becoming a derby girl. Now the Iowa City Bruisers offer dozens of kids a place to gain physical strength and personal confidence .... read more

iowa city bruisers

Man the Kitchen

A New Brigade of Chefs is Cooking Up a Storm

Men have stepped off the deck and entered the kitchen, buying groceries, purchasing  equipment, and cooking meals at record levels ... read more


Gettin' Thrifty

Vintage Treasures & Secondhand Finds

Need to spruce up your home? Take this advice from the queen of finding sparkling gems in a junk pile—or a secondhand shop  ... read more


Exercise Party

You Should Be Dancing

Laugh your way to longevity at Lisa Santiago's low-impact Zumba-inspired class in West Burlington ... read more

lisa santiago

Free Trees for Kids!

Neighborhood Forest

Neighborhood Forest lets kids and trees grow up together! Since 2010, they've helped schoolchildren plant over 10,000 trees ... read more

neighborhood forest

The Mysteries of Aging

Forever Young—Tips for Living Longer

What is aging, anyway? Is it programmed or random? Can we really lengthen our life span? ... read more


Need More Protein?

Power Up with Vegetarian Protein

If you're a vegetarian and you think you need more protein, try these tasty recipes for sweet potato hummus, mini frittatas, and a chocolate smoothie ... read more


Smartphone Fun

Live Streaming: Be Anywhere in the World

The Periscope app lets you visit all corners of the planet! Where will you go? ... read more


Saving Our Butterflies

How You Can Help Preserve Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies are in serious decline due to pesticide use and habitat loss. You can help them by creating habitat and breeding grounds .... read more


Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

      The little boy upon leaving the library said, “I only said thank you because my mom told me to.” The little review said to me, “We are surprised that someone with your publishing history would send anything to us.  Therefore we are rejecting your work.” ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Space Travel 
    Pit bull charges at me only to be yanked back by its chain. These, our neighbors—one horrible kennel of vicious dogs after another—it doesn't matter who or when. NASA is looking for people to die on Mars; I hear they already have several volunteers. In reality our solar system is a ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Lords of Life and Death 
    Black dog this morning, growling, hackles erect. I whispered to it as it pounded its fence, “Hassan! Hassan!” which means “Handsome” or “Beautiful.” I held my black umbrella like the vulture it was. The dog wanted to attack despite my compliments, despite the sil ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Cub Scouts of the Infinite 
    It's five o'clock on a Monday at the end of March. A girl with a streak of rainbow in her hair wants “The Darjeeling Limited.” Doctor Trang squints at the air to detect soul parasites. Trang has Paul McCartney's memoir in his hand. It is a generally beautiful day and I d ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Uncle Trog's Terrible Confession 
    It is getting dark and in the north are woods where I used to take my children on walks when I was a professor who unscrewed carefully ancient cedar boxes and showed the interiors to students and cursed them forever with dark magic. In the center of the woods of course is the house of a witch who wa ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • THE IOWA POETRY ASSOCIATION'S 71st Annual Contest 
    THE IOWA POETRY ASSOCIATION'S71st Annual ContestGeneral Rules For All DivisionsNote: FAILURE TO OBSERVE RULES MAY DISQUALIFY ENTRIES.Contests are open to all persons with Iowa residence. (See College exception) No entry fee. No membership or book purchase requirement.Poems must be original and u ... by rustin READ MORE