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CALENDAR: Dancing Our Visions

Celebrate National Dance week with Iowa Dance 2015 performances April 17-18 in Iowa City • Enjoy gospel, blues, jazz, and more at Angie's Fundraiser at the Mill on April 17 • Megan Gogerty's world premiere show Housebroken runs through April 26 at Riverside Theatre ... read more


Seed swap, kids' crafts, vendors, workshops and more at the Earth Day Green Fair 9-4 on April 18 • Cherry Poppin' Daddies salute the music of the Rat Pack on April 18. The Pines return to Cafe Paradiso on April 18 • Modern Western Square Dance classes start now! Last day to sign up is April 20 ... read more

dancing our visions

A Kinder Approach

Farm Dog Philosophy

Growing up on a conventional Iowa farm, Jocelyn Engman came back after college and a career with an entirely different perspective .... read more

black lab

Dark Comedy

The Softer Side of Vampires

Vampire roommates cope with modern life in the mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows ... read more

what we do in the shadows

Press Preserver

Mel Stockwell Saves Antique Presses

Mel Stockwell, the owner of the Calico Press in Birmingham, Iowa, is on a mission to collect and restore all of the old printing presses she can find .... read more


mel stockwell

We Can Be Heroes

Michael Kutcher (Ashton's Twin) Speaks at Indian Hills

Although he has struggled with health issues since birth, Iowa native Michael Kutcher now speaks up about his disability and works to inspire others ... read more

dave mason

Ask Miss Barbella

Why You NEED Strength Training!

Strength training improves your metabolism, burns fat throughout the day, and prevents osteoporosis ... read more

miss barbella, strong woman

Fringe Toast Music

Shook Twins: A Luscious Blend of Quirky Folk

The Portland-based sister duo delivers strikingly original harmonies and lyrics ... read more

shook twins

1942 Wedding

My Parents' Marriage Lasted 63 Years

Dominec and Genevieve Fusco had an enduring bond that kept them together for over half a century ... read more

fusco wedding

Art Imitates Life

Birdman: An Edgy Dark Comedy

Director Alejandro Inarritu takes an intimate, magical journey through an actor's comeback in this highly original film ... read more

birdman, michael keaton

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Roads in the Mountains 
    I am resting in a hotel in Vermont, and now Drunks are entering their cars outside And slipping into the late evening To test the winding roads in the mountains. I hear them shout and slam their doors, Hear them start their engines, and then, After they are gone, I hear footsteps Sounding lik ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Aunt Gladys Moves to Korea for the Jajangmyeon  
    I want to scrub mold from the ice cube tiles in my shower. I understand crazy things can happen like celebrity death in Korea if I am not careful. After a healthy bowl of bean noodles in bean sauce I walk looking for an apartment in sub-freezing weather while a freighter capsizes. Winter has com ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • A Rosewood Chanter 
    in the mail todayfor mefrom someone address or gift came from a music storein Northern Irelandin a blue boxlike a wizard's wand. I don't know if the reedneeds seasoningor soakingor sounds like a saxhaving a nervousbreakdown.I like it. I'll record nois ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Cartoon by Kate Larson 
    ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Study Graphic Narrative at M.U.M. 
    ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Yoga of the Impossible 
    Yoga of the Impossible, by Diane Frank (1st World, 2014)Review by Rustin Larson One cold October morning some years ago, I waited for Diane Frank’s car to round the corner.  The sky was pale and rosy as it was still early and we had a two-hour trek to Des Moines where ... by rustin READ MORE