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CALENDAR: UI Dance Gala!

The best in choreography & dance comes to Iowa City during the UI Dance Gala through Oct. 25 • Get a sneak peek of artists' private work spaces during the Southeast Iowa Artists Studio Tour Oct. 18-19 • Sample some tasty home brews during SUDS II on Oct. 18 • Eulenspiegel Puppetry Center presents Rapunzel on Oct. 19  ... read more


Husband and wife duo the Honey Dewdrops perform at Cafe Paradiso on Oct. 24th • Country legend Joe Diffie presents a special acoustic evening on Oct. 25th • See a late-night-showing of John Carpenter's Halloween at the Orpheum this week!  ... read more

iu dance gala

Ernie Hinkle

Tales from the Life of an Extraordinary 90-Year-Old

Meet a local grower who's managed to play many roles—from auctioneer and beekeeper to mayor and truck driver—and whose kindness has affected so many ... read more

ernie hinkle

TV Reviews: Oct. 8-14

Jane the Virgin: A Telenova Satire

A new sitcom staring Gina Rodriguez gently mocks Latin American soap operas. And in The Flash, a bolt of lightning turns young Barry Allen into the Fastest Man on Earth .... read more


jane the virgin

A Coming-of-Age Movie

Boyhood: Growing Up on Film

Richard Linklater's Boyhood tracks the same actors over 12 years—a simple device that makes for a deeply moving film. It opens this Friday in Fairfield at the Orpheum Theater. ... read more


Do-si-do & Allemande Left ...

Fairfield's Square Dance Revival

Caller Robin Ragen of Ottumwa has been instrumental in teaching a new group in dancers the basic moves of square dancing.   ... read more

robin ragen

Another Jokester's Holiday

When Comics Travel, Everything's Fodder for Jokes

The Trip to Italy is a lot like Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's earlier movie, The Trip, but it all happens in a scenic new location ... read more

trip to italy

Crispy Clerihews

Paul Ingram Takes a Stab at Clerihews

The Prairie Lights proprietor has discovered a delightfully twisted form of poetry that he likes so much he wrote several hundred for his new book, The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram ... read more

paul ingram

If You Build It ...

Field of Dreams: The 25th Anniversary

This Hollywood blockbuster holds up well 25 years after it first appeared nationwide in 1989. Here are five things that Field of Dreams gets right about Iowa ... read more

field of dreams

A Story of Community

Loop Trail Magic: A Breath of Fresh Air

Walk to work, walk for fun, walk for exercise: Who doesn't love a walking trail? Here's the story behind Fairfield's 16-mile walking/biking pathway.... read more


On the Wapsipinicon

Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Cedar Rock

Through October 19, you can tour the home, see the original furnishings that Wright chose himself, and visit the Wright-designed boathouse on the Wapsipinicon River ... read more

quasqueton, cedar rock

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Study Graphic Narrative at M.U.M. 
    ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Yoga of the Impossible 
    Yoga of the Impossible, by Diane Frank (1st World, 2014)Review by Rustin Larson One cold October morning some years ago, I waited for Diane Frank’s car to round the corner.  The sky was pale and rosy as it was still early and we had a two-hour trek to Des Moines where ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Visitors 
      I mowed the lawn, counterclockwise, In an ever-shrinking square, & When the square disappeared, I sat to rest and drank a bottle Of water.  While I was drinking, A male cardinal came to play In a pile of dried mulberry branches I had trimmed a few weeks prior. He yanked a li ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Summer Vacation 
    1968, the year of the assassins, We have come to the lake Where speedboats crush the waves. As the sun sets, the water-traffic Dwindles until it ceases all together, And the wavelets become calmer And quiet with each passing hour Until we fall asleep in our shore-side Cottages, and the lake ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • VERMONT, MAY 12, 2013 
    All of Believe, as if Believe were a city, County, or parish where we live, Although you might say, “That is impossible, Or ungrammatical,” then you might be warned You are either testing or breaking the spell, And who would want to do that? I am resting in a hotel in Vermont, and ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • It's a Gosh-Darned Interesting Thing to Say 
    Peacocks and turkeys.  They both fan Out their tail feathers.  I once Knew a woman who was chased by a turkey As she (the woman) walked through the woods. Have you ever been bullied by a peacock? The gooseberry wands droop Full of gooseberries.  The Mayapples Shyly hide their f ... by rustin READ MORE