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CALENDAR: Iowa Soul Fest—FREE!

See the steam and horse-powered machines that used to plow the fields at the Old Threshers Reunion in Mount Pleasant Sept 5-7 • Or go back further in time at the Des Moines Renaissance Fair Sept. 5-7 • The New Bo Arts Fest focuses on Iowa artists Sept. 6 •   ... read more


1st Fridays Art Walk celebrates the abundance of the fall harvest on the Fairfield square Sept. 4 • Find the best seasonal produce at the Fairfield Farmers Market on Saturdays 8-1 & Weds. 3-6 p.m. at Howard Park ... read more

soul festival

Arrowhead Man

Fossil Finder Gary Nelson

A housepainter by day, Gary Nelson spends his weekends looking for long-buried relics and ancient bones  ... read more

gary nelson

Fringe Toast Playlist

Sound Track for a Summer Evening

Fringe Toast presents a new list of off-the-beaten tracks for chill summer listening, from the Weepies, Rising Appalachia, Ibeyi, and nine more artists ... read more


A Musical Love Affair

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams Debut CD

One of America's great performing couples, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams llve together, travel together, and work together—harmoniously .... read more

larry campbell

Coffey Jitters

Eight Days in Laos: An Eye Opener

Dan Coffey recented visited Laos, one of the poorest countries in the world and one that suffered intense bombing during the Vietnam War  ... read more

dan coffey

Drumroll, Pleeease!

Emerald Knights Drum & Bugle Corps Reunites

Alumni from the Emerald Knights Drum & Bugle Corps are in rehearsals for a pre-show performance at the Tournament of Drums in Cedar Rapids ... read more

emerald knights

Getting Inked

Tattoos are for Every Body

Doesn't it seem like just about everybody has a tattoo these days? Tattoo-free Meredith Siemsen investigates what's behind all the body art .... read more


joseph ware

Secondhand Treasures

My Lucky Day: Open at New Location!

Need some inexpensive clothing fast? Looking for a Harmony Stella guitar? Trying to find a cheap blender? This could be your lucky day ... read more

my lucky day

Ask Miss Barbella

Wake Up Your Skin with a Boost of Caffeine

You know what your morning coffee does to get your body buzzing—now find out what coffee can do for your skin ... read more

miss barbella, tanell pretorius

Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

  • Night Progresses 
    The windows darken, a few scholars lean forward, their chins in their palms. Someone shifts weight in a chair and there is a loud crack throughout the hall. I remember film footage of some worker hollowing out the base of a redwood for some legal or illegal logging operation. I waited for somethin ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Gods of Randomness 
    I invoke the gods of randomness: a pile of blue, red, and yellow rubberbands; a small magnet that wants to stick to everything; patience; blue ink on fingers; a bag of regular flavor beef jerky; a clock three minutes too slow; the hum of electricity; the silence and blackness of when it suddenly ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Mind/Body Experiment 
    I will not scream, “Tuna!” My mind walks north into the sticks. My planet is yet habitable. Miracles happen involving the speech of animals. A man is found wedged in a cocoon of straw and ice. He walks away unharmed. A moose charges by kicking up huge plumes of snow. When I nap I ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Black Coffee 
    The well down into which I stare, collaborate you do with local musicians of fox and fur, the jamboree, the jug-jug bird and the juniper. Christ candle of the conscious, the cradled cup cooling slowly, the ceramic clap on sanded cedar, cable spools from ships in the bay turned table in the taber ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Keeping it Real 
    The work crew arrived and disassembled the Christmas scenes on the town square, packing up the plaster carolers, the reindeer, the sleigh, the rigor mortis Santa (waving still), the baby Jesus, and the pile of hay. They prepared the ground for the January thaw, the dubious holidays of Ground Hog ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Sharon Gradischnig, Painter in the MUM Library Foyer 
    Sharon Gradischnig, Painter in the MUM Library FoyerOpening Reception Friday April 24, 2015, 7 pm to 9 pmShow continues until the end of June.Artist StatementI paint as a way to share my experience of living as a physical, psychological and spiritual being. Through my interpretation of the cosmetolo ... by rustin READ MORE