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Historic Valley Junction in Des Moines hosts its Spring Gallery Night on April 21 • Take a Bite: enjoy the three-day food fest in the Amana Coloines April 21-23 • Remember The Carpenters? Lisa Rock performs the tribute Close to You on April 22 • Stay refreshed on this architectural tour: Eat.Drink.Architecture in Des Moines on April 22 • New & vintage quilts at the Kalona Quilt Show April 28-29  ... read more


It's a first! Hear poems about cheese at the Poetry Reading & Open Mic on April 21 • The Russian National Ballet Theatre brings Swan Lake to the Sondheim on April 28—some tickets left! ... read more
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Seeds of Sustainability

What Happens When Schoolchildren Grow Their Own Food?

Kim Strubell of Fairfield thinks empowering Kenyan students to grow their own food is the best model for continued sustainability ... read more

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Nail It!

How to Avoid Pitfalls of Home Renovation

Think you want to tackle some home repair projects yourself? You might want to read this first ... read more


Garden Wisdom

What I Learned from a Decade in the Garden

Local herb and veggie farmer Jocelyn Engman imparts soil-laden stories of trial and triumph—and a few nuggets of wisdom .... read more



Wascally Wabbits!

Bunnies Busted: Rabbits in the Garden

Growing flowers in an area overpopulated with hares can be, well, harrying. Finding the right cultivars just might give you a fighting chance ... read more


The Best of Brunch

Brunch: A Delicious Marriage of Meals

Venture out of town for some culinary indulgence this weekend. Here’s the rub on some mouthwatering grub in Eastern and Central Iowa  ... read more

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Threads That Matter

Fine Greek Textiles Aid Greek Artisans

Greek American Stacey Kitakis Hurlin has brought back a colorful selection of handmade rugs, blankets, and other textiles for sale to lucky American audiences ... read more

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Grow It, Eat It, Love It!

Asparagus: The Fresh Flavor That Grows on You

An Iowa native tells tales of an early spring vegetable that is soooo good for you, you should probably learn to like it (and grow it!) ... read more


Upscale Comfort Food

Chef Sepehr Sadrzadeh Elevates Pullman Diner

The Pullman, resembling the interior of an old railway car, offers American comfort food with a chef-driven twist and a side of team spirit.
 .... read more

Pullman Diner

Chef Matt Steigerwald

Rapid Creek Cidery: Coming Soon to Wilson's Orchard!

A historic barn on the grounds of Wilson's Orchard will soon be the site of a new gastropub and event center ... read more

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Blogs from Source Writers

Musings, anecdotes, and stuff that didn’t fit in print

    Even after a full dayof housekeepingat Johnny and Kaye'snear the airport, strippingthe sheetsof Robert Gouletand other famouspassersthrough,she would stand at homeat the sink with her bucketof potatoes, and peeland sliceas the lard meltedin the skillet. She would humlike Loretta Lynn,whistl ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Homeless Man Living in an Abandoned Library 
    The books are all mine now.  It's too bad about the electricity, because it gets dark in here at night.  There's no climate control, so it can be pretty brisk in winter.  The books have fared well.  The rodents have done minimal damage, but strangely have chewed through t ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • The Philosopher Savant Meditates 
    Your mind goes on around you,practicing piano in the apartment belowor standing in the cathedral of time,meditating its stained-glass window,its mandala of red and blue,frankincense twisting to deletion.Wind gushes against the blinds.You listen not for completionnor what’s forward, nor behind. ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Roach Motel 
      I must do this to survive, Cardinal. No breathing allowed, Mr. Bee. I tripped on the stairs made of you, Maple. Es muy Piso Mojado, Mr. Snail. I will take my sleepwalk, Cloud. The world is the mirror and the world is purified. Throw your hands in the air and run. We'll be eatin' ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Revision for New Year's Eve 
    My Father Didn’t Dance With Sylvia Plath BY RUSTIN LARSON New Year’s Eve, curled in the swiveling chair in my parent’s TV room, “Garfield’s 9 Lives” cracking up Katie, my five-year-old, and Ariel in my hands as my father stalks from the left and growls within h ... by rustin READ MORE 
  • Schloop: a novel. Chapter 2: Pizza buffet 
    In first grade my hands would sweat pools of liquid onto the fake blond woodgrain of my desk. Math classes made me tense. They warped my spine and made my neck hurt. Lift up the curtain of stars and show me the King's magic exit. They served chili in styrofoam cups and offered tiny half-pint b ... by rustin READ MORE