Soul of Rejoicing, Oct 05

Soul of Rejoicing

Today, amidst the hot, dry days of summer, a cool northern sky arrives anda blued elixir breeze blowing tonic air inside me arrives. It is clear I willbe able to squeeze rock from water, and, if I want, turn water back to rock.I discover the very clouds above me resting on the lifeline of my palm. Thisday of heat relief causes me to understand the alchemy of the world—water,fire, earth, air, and spirit all whirl, dazzling in and around wherever I look.There is weather inside me and weather outside me, a tornado wind between myears. I recall Walt Whitman from Song of Myself, his most miraculous tune, “everyatom good to me, as good belongs to you.” The you he mentions, I wantto believe, is the whole wide world, and with this thought I understand thevery soul of rejoicing.