With all the attention that Edges has been receiving, it is being dubbed the next RENT! I can't say enough about this show and the talented performers. Check out my interview with Justin Paul on FPAC today. He is one of the young creators/wirters/composers of the show and you will see him on stage at the piano! The talent absolutely fills the theatre.

 When Richard Kind was here for Forum, our first musical, he asked that everyone please support this beautiful new theatre. Even if you haven't heard of a show or don't know if you'll like it, please come anyway, just to support it so that it continues to grow and flourish. In this case, you will LOVE the show! Everyone who has already seen it is telling their friends to come and that you have to see it twice because it is so good!

The performers were overwhelmed by the audience response and standing ovations. You don't want to miss it – come see what all the buzz is about!!

 See you at the theatre!