Joseph’s Last Weekend! Banjo Boy Next!

The vibe in the theatre today has a foot in two worlds.  One foot is in the world of Canaan and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which will move into its last weekend on Thursday evening. It’s only here for 5 more performances and I guarantee after seeing it only once you will have one or two of the tunes in your head. Th/Fri/Sat @ 7;30pm and Sat/Sun @ 2pm. The word is this musical was one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s first musicals and it didn’t open up until years later. Also another interesting thing I’ve noticed, more than one friend has mentioned that they LOVED this musical when they were younger, listened to it all the time…it was their musical and they knew the words to every song. I find that pretty impressive.
The other foot is planting itself in Mason City for the production of Banjo Boy. Wow, this show is going to be something; creative, sweet and a solid musical theatre experience AND…it is a world premiere. AND it is all about the life of Mason City native Meredith Willson, who wrote the All-American musical, The Music Man. Anyone who is keen on musical theatre, band music, Louis Armstrong, and anyone who is from Iowa will definitely want to tuck into this show. I will save more of this for later.