Unity in Community: Fairfield’s Big Give Weekend

The theme of the First Friday Art Walk is “Imagine Community.” It is being sponsored by KRUU-LP, 100.1 FM and is being organized by KRUU’s General Manager, James Moore. This will be a celebration of non-profits, civic entrepreneurs and volunteerism. 


Where would Fairfield be without it’s volunteers? No Fairfield Puzzle mural, Trails, Civic Center, Art Walk, Farmer’s Market, Kiwanis Kid’s Day, Hometown Harvest or Fairfield First! It is appropriate that KRUU take the lead in hosting this event because they have 100+ volunteers that produce 80 hours of local programming, more than any in the country. 


What is the percentage of folks who volunteer in Fairfield? I don’t exactly but my guess it is 77.8%. It could be higher, almost everyone I know (and, I know almost everybody) does something as a volunteer. And, I know lots of folks who regularly give 10-20 hours a week. It could be something small or it could be working in one of the 130 non-profits in Jefferson County, who by the way, have a combined asset base of $260 million. Thatis comparable to the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation.


There is a report on CNN online to today about volunteering. It was put out by the National Corporation for National and Community Service. The tout the Twin Cities as having the highest volunteer rate for big cities. The Midwest, at 31.3% is the top ranked region. Utah is the biggest volunteering state at 49%. 


My guestimate about Fairfield make it the top volunteering community in the country. That amount of “social capital” is what moves Fairfield ahead.


Victor Hansen was in Fairfield two months ago to receive a Maharishi Award and give a presentation on the “law of attraction,” or what many refer to as “the secret.” He said how much you give determines how much you attract. It is what creative, wealthy and successful people do to become even more “attractive.” 


Folks in Fairfield understand and are motivated about giving and creating to a purpose beyond themselves. 

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