Last Message from the Troll Hole

Since January when I arrived at the Sondheim Center my office has been in what we've lovingly called "the troll hole." It has near legendary status at this point. It's the space between the Box Office and the theater. It's the place beneath the back orchestra seating…kinda like Harry Potter's room, but a bit bigger. There's fluorescent lighting, no windows, pipes and metal and boxes and stuff. There are very few distractions, and in the last near nine months I've gotten a heck of a lot of work done down here. It's the kind of space that grows on you. The best part of being in the troll hole is being so close to the theater . . . I got to hear it all, every rehearsal, every stagehand belch, every song sung.

Feeling a little sad to leave it. "Change is the only thing that stays the same" – a irritatingly profound few words that have reminded me many times of the way things are in life . . . it is all about change. So even though I'm a bit sad about leaving the "hole" I'm thrilled that Way Off Broadway, which has been the professional musical theatre company of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, will now be its own entity, an exciting new (kinda) non-profit in Fairfield. WOB still plans to perform all the shows at the little bit of "bling" in Fairfield known as the Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts. Looking forward to what's ahead. I know there is a wonderful fall season being dialed in as I type this. So stay tuned for more and more great musical theater from Way Off Broadway at the Sondheim Center.