Follywood News and Awards

I love award shows like the Golden Globes that take place this time of year. My favorite movie of the year was Moon, by the way. It stars Sam Rockwell who has been a great character actor in movies like Galaxy Quest.

The upcoming Fairfield Film Fest is taking place during the first weekend of February, Feb 5-7,  in Fairfield as part of the February Art Walk.  It will feature a short video/films and awards in the following categories:

  • Drama
  • Documentary
  • Animation
  • Super-short (2 min or less)
  • Youth (17 and under)
  • Sustainability

You should a link to your short film (10 min or less) for judging by January 15th.

Send YouTube Links to 

 I am submitting nine entries in documentary and super-short categories including footage from my trip to China, Nepal and Tibet last summer.

Way Off Broadway, Fairfield First! Entertainer of the Year 2009 is revving up for the spring performance of Hair and will be hosting auditions. The revival on Broadway is  a hot ticket.  Hair runs two weekends: April 23-May 2. Randy West is the director and Adam Cates is the choreographer. Over 18 cast only – both paid and unpaid slots roles  are available. Contact: Randy West 

 Auditions are also taking place on Sunday, January 10 at 1:00 p.m. at the Spayde Theater at MUM for Midwest Repertory Theater production of Arcadia. Scenes and characters on the Midwest Repertory Theater Facebook Page.