Iowa’s Winter Landscape | Joe Stanski’s Snowy Landscape Photographs

If you’ve ever wondered what a landscape photographer does with his winters—well, wonder no more. This has been one of the best winters (2009-2010) in Iowa for photographs of the Iowa countryside. Although some temps have reached well below zero, the beauty goes beyond the temps of warmths and frigid colds. Enjoy these winter photos of Iowa in winter. (All photos copyright 2010 Joseph Stanski)

A quiet winter’s day (copyright 2010 Joseph Stanski)

iowa winter, snowy creek, joseph stanski

The light in the forest (copyright 2010 Joseph Stanski)

iowa winter, snowy countryside, snowy farm, Joseph Stanski

Winter mist (copyright 2010 Joseph Stanski)

Joseph Stanski

Photographer Joseph Stanski.

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