Tibetan Pilgrimage, Entrepreneurship and Megabuses

There was a big spread in the Life section of the Des Moines Register on a trip I made to China, Nepal and Tibet last summer called Tibetan Pilgrimage.  The premiere of the movie is slated for Saturday, May 1st in Fairfield at the Relevations at 8:00 p.m. Reservations are encouraged as the venue has limited seating. Go to www.Kora-Movie.com for more details.




I was also in the news in Illinois because I was the keynote speaker at the Southern Illinois Economic Development Conference in Carbondale on April 8th.


Business needs nurturing

Burt Chojnowski of Fairfield, Iowa delivers a presentation on entrepreneurship Thursday during the Southern Illinois … 




Wow! Direct bus service from Des Moines and Iowa City to downtown Chicago starting May 5. Cheap tickets as low as $1, Wifi and electrical outlets at each seat. Check out www.megabus.com