Homage to “Insanely Great” Steve Jobs | A Man with a Vision

In 2010, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

The legacy of Steve Jobs may never be equaled: The Apple II, which jumpstarted the personal computer industry. The Macintosh, which changed the way people use personal computers. The iPod, which was easy and fun to use, and took over the MP3 player market. The iPhone, which has revolutionized mobile phones. The iPad, which is leading the way into what he calls “the post-PC world.”

As CEO of Apple, he did things his way: no market research, no focus groups. He didn’t ask what consumers wanted. He simply intuitively knew what they would like, and he demanded that his company create it.

He was well known for being fiercely critical and not being satisfied until a product was exactly what he envisioned. His employees feared him, feared the meetings in which he would tear a person’s idea to shreds. But they were loyal—because he’s simply brilliant and charismatic.

He micromanaged everything: from the number of buttons on the phone to the shape of the iMac. And if the engineers didn’t get it right, didn’t come up with something that fit his vision, he made them start over.

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