Tour the Maharishi Vedic Observatory: Online Preview Tour Available

A six-hour time-lapse photo reveals the instrument’s alignment to the pole star. (photo by Mark Paul Petrick)

Ever wonder what the Maharishi Vedic Observatory in Vedic City is all about? What the instruments do? What the purpose of the Observatory is?

A new tour of the Observatory is now available online for the public that answers these questions. The tour explains how the Observatory works from both a western standpoint and a vedic point of view. The instruments and their use are explained as well as their vedic influence on the physiology and consciousness of the observer.

The Maharishi Vedic Observatory is a one and one-half acre open-air observatory of masonry sundials from which one can tell the time, the day, and the positions of the stars and planets. The Observatory is an ancient vedic technology that mirrors the structure of the universe and the structure of our own physiology. The goal of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory is to increase balance of mind and body in the observer.

Ten masonry sundials made of brick and concrete lie within the 1-1/2 acre circle of the Maharishi Vedic Observatory.

The MVO tour on YouTube gives the visitor the ability to walk through the observatory while listening to the tour via their smartphone.

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Directions: The Maharishi Vedic Observatory is located on Observatory Drive in Vedic City, Iowa, northwest of Fairfield. From Fairfield take Highway 1 north to Airport Drive, turn west, drive one mile to Jasmine Avenue, turn north, drive 1/3 mile to Observatory Drive, turn west. The observatory is at the end of Observatory Drive.