Trumpet Blossom Cafe: Fresh Vegan Fare | Katy Meyer Brings Refined Touches to Fresh Vegan Fare

Trumpet Blossom Cafe in Iowa City

When University of Iowa student Katy Meyer decided to become a vegetarian, she didn’t realize that she was changing not just her diet but the trajectory of her future professional life.

“I definitely have always loved food,” she says, “and then after I became a vegetarian in 2001—I guess it was then I started to learn more about food, cooking a lot more, reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows, and just talking to other people who were interested in food.”

Wanting to spend more time cooking in a vegetarian atmosphere, Katy took a job at the vegan restaurant Red Avocado while she completed her degree in English. “I discovered throughout working there that I really enjoyed creating food and learning about food, and working in a restaurant atmosphere.” When Katy had the opportunity to become a co-owner of the restaurant upon graduating, she jumped at the chance. And when the Red Avocado was forced to close because their building was being demolished, Katy decided to open a new vegan restaurant on her own. In April 2012, Trumpet Blossom Cafe opened for the first time.

The cafe’s comfortable décor is designed to make everyone feel relaxed and at home, from couples on a date, to friends celebrating the end of the week, to families with children. Katy designed the menu to make diners—even non-vegans—excited about their meal.

“For some people who come in here, the vegan food is a little bit of a hurdle, so we don’t want to make it really alienating,” Katy says. “We try to present things that you know. It’s comfort food, basically—vegan comfort food.”

The term “comfort food” may not do Trumpet Blossom’s fare total justice, however. The cafe has a menu for every occasion and every diner: small plate, lunch, dinner, brunch, dessert, and kids’ menus, all bursting with local flavor. Dishes include appetizers like Buckwheat Corncakes with Tomato Relish, lunch items like Tofu Salad Sandwich, brunch choices like Cardamom-Berry Pancakes, and a variety of dinner dishes ranging from classic Veggieburger on Toasted Bread to more elegant fare like the Cumin Tempeh with Polenta and Cilantro Lime Sauce. Desserts include Chai Spice Cake with Sweet Potato Frosting.

Almost every dish is naturally gluten free or available with a gluten-free substitution, and components of the dishes change as the seasonal ingredients change. Even the beverage menu features a seasonal rotation of local brews along with an internationally sourced wine list and a variety of mixed drinks.

The restaurant is currently revamping its menu, so expect to see some exciting changes, including the addition of vegan Eggs Florentine to the brunch menu.

By offering delicious vegan versions of familiar foods made from the choicest local ingredients and serving them in an atmosphere as welcoming as your own home, Trumpet Blossom Cafe aims to give their diners the best experience possible. “We just really want to make it a place that’s inviting and comfortable for everybody,” Katy says.         

Trumpet Blossom Cafe is offering live music in March. For more information call (319) 248-0077 or visit Trumpet Blossom Cafe.