Sue Berkey’s The Red Coyote | Sue Berkey Sculpture on View This Summer in "Art Along the Trails"

Sue Berkey’s The Red Coyote is one of the artworks chosen for "Art Along the Trails" in Clive.

Like this sculpture? You can vote for it online later in May.

The Red Coyote, a sculpture by Fairfield artist Sue Berkey, was chosen for the outdoor exhibition “Art Along the Trails,” which will take place in Clive from mid-May through mid October. Clive borders the north side of West Des Moines and has a beautiful 12-mile greenbelt trail for walking and biking that meanders alongside Walnut Creek. 

Berkey’s piece is located where the trail intersects 114th St. For those who want to see it in person, it is easily accessed from Highway 35. There are six sculpture sites, and the public is invited to vote for their favorite online. To pick Red Coyote as your favorite, go to under “Current Issues,” then click on “Public Art,” click "Art Along the Trails," and VOTE !