Riverside Trekfest This Weekend |

Live long and prosper, or at least have a lot of fun at Trekfest this weekend. Image copyright NBC-Viacom.

Trekkies, get ready! Trekfest is coming to Riverside, the future home of Captain James T. Kirk, On Friday and Saturday, June 28–29, 2013. This year’s Trekfest theme is “I, Mudd,” which is the name of a second season episode of Star Trek in which androids, believing humans to be too destructive for their own good, plot to take over the galaxy. In addition to daily events, Trekfest will feature food vendors, a beer garden, a carnival midway, train rides, a bouncy house, and tours of the Voyage Home Museum.

Friday’s events start at 5 p.m. and include live music by Bob Black & the Bandjoy and Insectoid Band, a Kids’ Parade, pet contests, Trek Trivia, star gazing with the Cedar Amateur Astronomers, and a demolition derby.

On Saturday things start at 10 a.m. with the I, Mudd-themed parade. Other events include a volleyball tournament, a sci-fi swap meet, a screening of Star Trek episodes, federation games, a costume contest, a tractor pull, a golf cart rodeo, the Bill Riley State Fair Talent Show, fireworks, and live music by Tom & the Tribbles, Close Call, and Faraday’s Law.