Marianne Williamson Speaks on the Spirit of Democracy September 16

Marianne Williamson will give a free talk at the Sondheim Center in Fairfield on Sunday, September 16.

Internationally acclaimed author and popular guest on Oprah, Larry King Live, and Charlie Rose, Marianne Williamson returns to Fairfield to speak on “The Spirit of Democracy” on Sunday, September 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Sondheim Center. Her free talk will be a deep dive into American politics and spiritual renewal in our country.

While traveling the country this year on her Love American Tour, she observed, “Only a politics of love overrides a politics of fear,” and found a public ready to embrace this message.

Marianne Williamson has spoken for years on the significance of spirituality as a moving force in personal and social change, and for 30 years has translated her ideals into action through activism work around world hunger and AIDS, and as cofounder of the Peace Alliance.

For anyone who believes that consciousness can keep good company with politics, Marianne Williamson carries illuminating perspectives into the conversation. “Many of us have become adept at trying to navigate our own spiritual journeys,” she comments. “Now it’s time to address our country’s journey, because obviously we’re in a crisis now. . . . There are two extreme poles of possibility, always: the fear that creates injustice, oppression, and all matters of collective evil and heartbreak. Or the love that creates justice, freedom, and all matters of collective love and happiness. We’re all responsible for helping our nation to decide…”

All are invited to this free talk and Q & A. Find more at