Transformational Beauty: Six Decades of Art by Michael W. Barnard

Gold Light Grid Matrix, by Michael W. Barnard

Transformational Beauty—Six Decades of Michael W. Barnard’s Fine Art Explorations opens at ICON Gallery on February 7, 6:30–10 p.m., during Fairfield First Fridays.

These collected works, ranging from Barnards teenage years in the mid 20th century to the present, are artifacts of his spiritual and aesthetic explorations.

Detail from Michael Barnards Large Field painting

“When I first met Michael a few years ago, I was interested in his professional filmmaking,” says ICON Director Bill Teeple. “At that time I discovered that he also had a large body of visual art that he had been making all his life. I felt it was important to put a show together that gave a glimpse of the numerous expressions by this creative soul.”

Photo collage by Michael Barnard

Using a wide variety of media and technique, the styles presented are varied and inconsistent, yet the driving focus and intention has always been the same: to evoke and embody the enlightened soul and radiate that light through these sacred space experiences. It is a sharing and celebration of pure creation.

Transformation Beauty runs through March 21, 2020, at ICON Gallery, 58 N. Main St., Fairfield.

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