How Healthy is Your Heart? Take this Quiz | Take this Easy Quiz to See How You Rate

Read the following sentences and mark down a number between 0 and 5 for each that represents how much that statement applies to you, with 0 = not at all and 5 = totally.

1. I feel stressed or anxious or irritable or depressed most of the time.
2. My heart rate is 76 or above.
3. I can’t seem to fit in moderate exercise at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes.
4. I have a pessimistic attitude.
5. My heart rate does not speed up and slow down with my breath.
6. I often sleep less than 6 hours a night.
7. I feel unusually tired for no reason.
8. I have trouble sleeping at night.
9. My blood pressure is usually more than 120/80.
10. I am a night owl—I often stay up past midnight.
11. My fasting blood sugar 100 or higher, or I don’t know it.
12. I haven’t checked my blood pressure in more than a year.
13. I don’t eat at least 9 fresh fruits and vegetables per day.

If you score 15 or more on this scale, please see your doctor for a checkup and put some serious attention on improving your risk factors to enjoy a long, heart healthy life!

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