Bottle and Glass

A wasp flies into my water bottle.

I do not know this.  I bring

The water bottle inside.  The wasp

Climbs up to the lip,

Pulses his wings

A couple times, and then starts

Flying around the house.

He flies around all day,

But by sunset he’s exhausted

And he rests on the sink window

In the kitchen and looks

Longingly outside.   I get

A drinking glass and a small

Square of cardboard.  I place

The glass over the wasp

And give him a jiggle.  He flies

Up to the bottom.

I slap on the cardboard.

The wasp

Buzzes and buzzes.  I open

The courtyard door with my foot

And go outside.

I hold the glass upright.

The wasp

Dances on the rim a bit,

Gets his bearings, and flies away,

Drifting with a gust of wind,

Toward the huge maple tree.

Before long, night covers everything.