Running with Dogs: Give a Dog a Bone Run-Walk | "Give a Dog a Bone" 5K Run-Walk Benefits Noah’s Ark Foundation

Instagram darlings Smokey and Pugly love the "Give a Dog a Bone" run-walk.

If you’re on Instagram, you may have come across two celebrities from Fairfield: Smokey and Pugly. This dashing pair of elderly pugs recently gained an overnight following after their owner, Christina Ring, posted a few pictures on the site. Rumor has it, Smokey and Pugly will be making an appearance at PhysEmp’s third annual “Give a Dog a Bone” 5K run-walk fundraiser at Chautauqua Park on Saturday, June 18.

“Smokey and Pugly are nearly 12 years old and kind of creaky, so they’ll be in their stroller,” says Ring, with a laugh.

Ring is COO of, the Fairfield-based physician job board that holds the race each year to raise funds for local animal sanctuary Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation. Last year, the event garnered $1,750 in generous donations from the community. The funds were used to provide much-needed food and medical care for rescued dogs and cats.

“Noah’s Ark is looking forward to PhysEmp’s third annual Give a Dog a Bone fun run,” said Noah’s Ark Executive Director Dawn Hauck. “This event is a great time for our community to come together to have some fun with their four-legged buddies and support a good cause all at the same time!”

This June, PhysEmp once again invites everyone in the community to lace up their sneakers, leash up their dogs, bring their families, and head out to Chautauqua to support Noah’s Ark. People are welcome to show up sans fur babies, too. Every participant will take home a T-shirt, and prizes will be awarded to winners.

A new feature of the race this year: participants can bring non-perishable donations for the Lord’s Cupboard and receive up to $5 off their registration fee ($1 discount per non-perishable item).

“We feel so grateful to be able to sponsor this event again this year,” says Theresa Melvin, Director of Operations at “We’re all animal lovers at PhysEmp, and giving back to the community is very important to us. We also wanted to expand our reach this year and include the Lord’s Cupboard to support local families in need.”

Noah’s Ark will have adoption information available on site, and they’ll be bringing along some furry friends, too.

“We can’t wait to see what cute, adoptable pups Noah’s Ark will bring this year!” says Melvin.

Here’s hoping they don’t upstage Smokey and Pugly.                         

To Register

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. at Chautauqua Park, and the run begins at 9. Fees: Adults, $20; families, $40; kids and under, $10. All proceeds will go to Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation.

Three Fun Pug Facts

•       A group of pugs is called “a grumble.”

•       Pugs were originally bred to sit in the laps of Chinese emperors.

•       There is a Freemasonry lodge called the Order of the Pug, which formed after the Catholic Church banned freemasonry. They picked pugs for their symbol, because these dogs are considered to be loyal and trustworthy.