10 Things To Do When You Visit Fairfield

Fairfield’s square is home to restaurants, coffeehouses, and a host of one-of-a-kind shops. (Photo by Paul Delisle)

Coming to Fairfield for the day? For a rural town of 10,000, Fairfield shines bright with its culturally rich downtown, beautiful parks, and solar-powered businesses.

While it’s impossible to cover everything, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our faves to explore on your visit, whether you’re up for outdoorsy fun, some cool shopping, or a local brew and bite.

1. Hike the Loop Trail

Dubbed “the emerald necklace,” the 16-mile Fairfield Loop Trail connects all the green areas surrounding the town on well-maintained paths. Bike or walk through fields, prairie, lakes, woods, historical settings, and art installations. Bring the dog, too!

Beautiful Bonnifield Lake in Waterworks Park (photo courtesy of JeffersonCountyTrails.org)

2. Swim In or Out

The Fairfield Rec Center is home to a spanking new outdoor pool as well as an indoor aquatic center. Daily passes are only $5 for adults, $3 for kids. If you’d rather swim outdoors, head to Waterworks Park, where a small sand beach invites you to enter the cool waters of 97-acre Bonnifield Lake surrounded by tall, stately trees.

3. Dine & Drink

Hungry? You’re in luck! Choose from over a dozen locally owned restaurants offering just about anything you could wish for: American bistro fare, soup & sandwiches, BBQ, Asian pho, sushi, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Ethiopian, Thai, Turkish, and organic vegetarian. You’ll also find several highly regarded coffeehouses and an organic bakery. Care to relax with a local brew? Visit the family-friendly Jefferson County Ciderworks and Cider House 1949 for suds made on site.

4. Hear Live Music

From Buddy Guy to Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan to Suzzy Roche, Fairfield attracts world-class and regional acts as well as stellar local talent to its many venues. Check the schedules at the Sondheim Center in the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center and Cafe Paradiso. On Wednesday nights, witness the unbeatable charm of open mic at Cafe Paradiso, as  amateurs and professionals alike share their passions with heartfelt—and unpredictable—performances.

5. Shop & Browse

A fun assortment of one-of-a-kind shops surrounds the square. You’ll find health products, home & kitchen goods, amazing gifts, Ecuadorian clothing and accessories, chocolate, wine, yarn, fine jewelry, kids’ toys, and collectibles—all within a short walk.

6. Go Thrifting

Speaking of collectibles, Fairfield is home to half a dozen resale shops: My Lucky Day, the Bargain Box, Too Good 2 Be Threw, the Collectors Store, and Goodwill. Don’t miss the Fairfield Restore, with its ever-changing assortment of bargain-priced furniture and building supplies.

7. Feast Your Eyes

Thanks to the sharp eye and global contacts of director Bill Teeple, ICON Gallery brings the best local and national artists to the square for exhibitions. You’ll find more regional talents at Art FiftyTwo, Fairfield Art Association Gallery, Henderson’s Gallery, and Americus Gallery.

8.  Do Your Laundry

Dexter Laundry’s new facility on Burlington Avenue & 4th St.—it’s so nice, people like to hang out there!

Really? Yes! Dexter Laundry has been headquartered in Fairfield for the past 125 years, and they’ve installed their most advanced equipment and technology in a new 3,000-square-foot laundromat, which also functions as a showcase and training center for Dexter’s global customers. An app allows you to monitor your laundry’s progress while you’re away—but hey, you might want to hang out there—it’s a friendly and inviting place. Wi-Fi included!

9. Learn About TM

Fairfield is home to Maharishi University, where students and faculty practice Transcendental Meditation. Stop by the friendly TM Info Center on Main St. to find out more about this popular stress-busting technique, used by Jerry Seinfeld, Sheryl Crow, Cameron Diaz, and more.

10. Eat Ice Cream

The vintage cone above the Dairy bar

Savor organic vanilla or mango soft-serve ice cream at Everybody’s Whole Foods, courtesy of the beloved cows at Fairfield’s Radiance Dairy. Visit the 1950s-era Dairy Bar on Burlington Ave. for vintage charm and soft-serve temptations. Can’t eat dairy? Fairfield company Cado makes a delicious avocado ice cream in seven different flavors, available at Everybody’s.