The 93rd Academy Awards: Down to the Dollar & Other Fun Facts

The Oscar statuette weighs in at 8.5 pounds and was first awarded in 1929. (

Whether or not you’ll be watching the 93rd annual Academy Awards on Sunday, April 25, the Oscars remain a revered Hollywood tradition. Audience ratings have dropped continually since 2014, but the Oscars are still regarded as the most prestigious honor in the film industry.

The Oscar stage (

With all the hoopla around this star-studded event, WalletHub has compiled some fun facts about the glamorous awards show:

$40 million plus: Total cost of Oscars ceremony.

$10 million: Cost of the look for an A-list actress attending the Oscars.

32 percent: Share of this year’s Oscar nominees who are women—the highest percentage ever!

$2 million: Cost of a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast (64 percent less than the Super Bowl).

$24,700: Cost of the 50,000-square-foot Oscars red carpet.

900 hours: Time needed for an 18-person crew to install the red carpet.

$400: Estimated value of each gold-plated Oscar statuette.

$18.1 million: Most expensive Oscar attire in history, worn by Cate Blanchett in 2014.

$12,500: Cost for streaming one film for voters, replacing the most costly option of physical copies, which is over $1 million per film.

$92,000: Price for a couple to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, the most expensive after-party.

$9 million: Average increase in box office sales for a Best Picture winner.

238 minutes: Duration of the longest Best Picture winner, Gone with the Wind, 1939.

6: The number of rules added to prevent another mishap like the La La Land/Moonlight award mixup in 2017.

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