Annual Carpet Event in Fairfield: April 23-May 1, 2-8 p.m.

Here, a Carpet of Antiquity, 120-150 years old, woven by the Bakhtiari nomadic tribe in the Caucasian Mountains, the mountain range between the Caspian and the Black Sea, a land mass now shared by four countries, Russian, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, on the border of Iran.

See the textiles at 402 N. B St. in Fairfield. Additional hours available through May by appointment.  Call or text—PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE:  (641) 919-8155.

This 6th Showcase of Artisan Works from Greece … and beyond  … has expanded to new territory, literally, with this new collection: Persian/Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish, Indian, Moraccan, Armenian, Afghani, Nomadic, Turkmenistan, and of course,  the works of Greek weavers. 

Stacey Kitakis

As the curator of this collection, I’m inspired by my respect for the art of weaving, the weaver, and the traditions of many cultures to share these findings with you. This is a unique opportunity for everyone to enjoy a hands-on experience with a wide range of works, and maybe find something suitable for a home or office setting, as well as see carpets that are highly valued in the world of carpet collectors. I am happy to share this new collection. 

Anastasia Kitakis  — Stacey


A sampling of some of the 150 carpets from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. All handmade, all natural dyes using pomegranates, flowers, olives, and walnut shells.


Fine silk hand embroidery on silk, made in Northern Greece, known for their silk work.


Greek blankets and pillow covers


Handwoven rugs from Crete


Part of the collection includes such works as Persian Isfhan and Turkmenistan carpets, both currently sought after among today’s carpet collectors. Above: Fine large Persian carpet with weaver’s signature.


Turkmenistan rug


Greek kilim runner