Welcome to the Fairfield MakerSpace: Access to Tools & Training


Kabian Newson uses newly donated sewing equipment to complete his graduate project.

Are you a “maker”? And what is a “makerspace”? A maker is “a person or thing that makes or produces something,” so all mere “things” aside, everyone is a maker—you are a maker. A makerspace provides access to tools, industrial equipment, and knowledge that the average person might not have on their own. Makerspaces also provide an atmosphere that fuels curiosity, supports inventiveness, and builds creative community.

The Fairfield MakerSpace offers a membership-supported workspace that provides tools, machinery, and training, to everyone in the Fairfield community. It’s equipped with a woodshop, welding station, blacksmith forge, 3D printer, and various power and hand tools.

Excitement is building for the April 8 Grand Opening of the new sewing room that boasts professional-grade sewing equipment and a 5′ x 8′ cutting table. All equipment was donated by a generous Fairfield community member who wanted to share her passion and resources for sewing.

Kabian Newson used the equipment to finish his graduate project for the MUM Sustainable Living program. “It was such an amazing experience to imagine a project and be able to create something better than I had in mind,” he says. “The right tools for the job make all the difference, and sewing is no exception.”

Want to make your own tent? Build a robot? Make that wood table you’ve been dreaming about? The Fairfield MakerSpace is the place. Some upcoming events and classes include a 3D modeling and printing workshop, a rustic wood bench-making workshop, and a Bro Sew. Tool training sessions for woodworking, metalsmithing, jewelry making, and sewing will be held throughout the year.

Check it out! Fairfield MakerSpace is located on the MUM campus in the Library Wing/Science Center, 505 Dimmick Dr., Room 141. For upcoming class details and event updates, like us on Facebook or go to FairfieldMakerSpace.com. If you would like to teach a class or have a skill to share, email fairfieldmakerspace @gmail.com.